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Host henry harris. Oh boy december twenty six. We're almost at the end of the month. The thirty first is coming around a corner and next thing you know we'll be into twenty twenty. Wow this year has been a blast. It's been a quick year. it seems to me Summertime was here for a moment. You know The lease had blown for the spring time. All of a sudden here we are into wintertime. But we look we still get. We got Fifty degrees temperatures right now on december the twenty six and i think we had On christmas day we had In the fifties on christmas day how about that man. We talk about some wonderful weather and it. It hasn't been too cold yet. And i think the temperature's going to drop down just a little bit Fought on tomorrow and It just still be a beautiful day. We're not in below zero temperatures at all. We're not in the teens at all. So i'm thanking god for every warm day that we can get. I'm telling you because. I cannot stand the cold. It's something that i do not like to deal with And i'm sure a lot of you feel the same way so anyway What i wanna talk to you about gin. Is i want to talk to you about how to receive from your bank account and heaven. This is my second episode. I'm actually talking to you about. Because i want you to understand basically There are principles to hog out operates. And what he's expected of you especially if you are a kings kid you need to know exactly how to operate from a standpoint of a child god and what to say and how does say things where you could get things moving and happening and releasing from your bank account in heaven to actually appear on earth and because you have that type of faith god will honor that faith you know the bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word god so if you hear the word of god you know a you. Get down into your spirit. Then when time's calm you will be able to believe for something by faith that god would act on it because of your faith now you know. A lot of people really don't know how to operate in faith they don't know anything about it. All they know is that expression that you hear all the time is I i that let me see. They always tell you. Good luck. good luck. Good luck with that. Good luck with that. I don't believe in luck folks. I believe in faith. I asked no. Such animal is look. Did you hear me. There's no such animal as luck. So you need to stop where you are in your tracks and start believing god with faith in god we to your faith and then therefore you can receive what you ask for indus physical three dimensional world that we live in you can have it in your hands because of your faith. God wants you to speak those things that be not as though they were. And he want you to have the fullness the fullness of life here on the earth and you know when you're a kings kid you got to understand that you have all authority right now as you speak the word by faith and when you say what you say by faith in other words you need to speak what god speaks say what god says do what god does. It will come to pass because you said it. It's yours you got it and you're just walking by faith not by sight. It doesn't care you don't even care what it looks like. You don't care what the situation looks like a rounding all you know. Is that when you say something you know that you know that you know that you know that you know that what you said will come to pass because you are a kings kid and you've got all of heaven back in you. You believe that all of heaven so let me give you a little bit more scenario for instance on You know why set such the soul you know. Why said these things because you know. There's nothing like understanding the communication Especially when you talk about. You know how god operates and God won't step outside his word in order for him to perform things for you. He said are performed those things. When you speak my word i'll perform it for you. And and other words. God only goes by his word and if you stick with what he says and say and talk like your daddy talk in heaven you can have those things no matter what it is in life. God wants you to be ahead so anyway let me give you an example of what i mean by that then and i just want you to just kind of get an understanding of where i'm coming from and why we need to actually focused and duties things so let me let me share this with you. Okay one day. I was riding a motorcycle. I had bought a brand new motorcycle. awa- years ago. I used to live in dallas fort worth texas and What happened was I used to ride my motorcycle. Motorcycle every day to work and It was really a nice thing to do and get a motorcycle and ride. You know. I really good at ride motorcycle. I had to learn. I fell a couple of times. But that's okay. I got back up and i continue to go But as time went on. I just can't get tired of getting wet all the time and I realized that you know it would be nice to be on the inside when it rains rather than to be on the outside when it rains. Because i'm telling you. Even though. I had a helmet and i had some rain gear and i was trying to stay as dry as possible even had a a little small wind. Chill on my motorcycle and that really helped. But it's not like sitting in. The car rolled up the windows. You know wish rain get you wish your wipers on and you know that you dry. It has no water coming in but what a motorcycle is a whole lot different. So.

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