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Their hands to different spots and it's been impressive he he enjoys the game he always has a smile and he comes to wear every day and wants to be great which i i really put your all right last one for you i've been sending the podcast last week that i feel like the american league top of the top of american league top of baseball you have like the ali frazier forman with the astros red sox and yankees and then you have a lot of welter wages that's just my opinion everyone's obviously trying to win their division but given the fact that maybe two of the three best teams in baseball are in the same division do you feel that extra urgency to to win the division because you don't want the the wild card i think you know nobody wants to play that game that's that's a tough game to play is such a you know high pressures fish by pitch only have one shot to make it through an x wrong so you're going to do everything to avoid again but you know i think i think the allie of the of the league and i know my my buddy aj interests gonna hate me for to say this he's still some astros there will chance of all the pressure and the houston astras i made they can't i'm so well you is it to the level where you will line up you know you'll look ahead to a yankee red sox series in lineup you rotation with that very much in mind no no i think sometimes the other way around you gotta make sure you win every series and sometimes people get caught up like lined up everybody for for the yankees or the astros so being but there's a lot of good things out there we do so we just witnessed had with the oakland a's the.

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