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Game show host. A man you wouldn't understand. Jersey still no heavy this week. Jeff, he's not here because he has pneumonia grizzlies recovering from pneumonia and in his place day, Kylie moral. Okay. Hey, hey, hey. You and Joe did not believe. What's the name? William was in Italian. Now, not for a second. It's. Well, in Spanish, it's gear and in Italian. I believe it's gleam. Oh. Like Marconi Google any Italian facts that aren't coming from the mouth of Dennis Malloy. I don't believe. All right this hour. We're gonna talk about how Kylie has just the worst taste in movies and to get there. We're going to talk about funny movies movies that are actually funny. Unlike some of the ones kind of he thinks are funny. So if you have a funny movie one you've always enjoyed when that always makes you laugh one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five movie like I dunno Caddyshack. That's a great one. When you say men. Did you not find it funny? Did you not like the pace? What did you not like about the classic movie Caddyshack? I don't remember enjoying the pace. I couldn't tell you a funny line from it. Is that the one with that had come with a bowl of soup? Yeah. Yeah. At hardware laughing. Well, I've heard it a million times. How 'bout landed? Right in the lumber yard. That's a great one. That's a no it would take too long to explain. It's a great line. Absolutely. Great line one hot rod. Okay. This is kind of what started this whole discussion off air. I watched hot rod at the recommendation of Kylie more. And you laugh until the cows came did not laugh once what's for those of you who don't know hot rod is an Andy Sandberg vehicle. And entity plays a stuntman who's not very good. So he slams into a lot of stuff he slams into a building he slams into a truck just like physical comedy one after another. It's like a three stooges movie except there's only one stooge and it just got so repetitive. Like, oh, Andy Sandberg's in a run into something. Isn't that funny? What about any of Willer? Nets lines like, babe. Yeah. Always says babe, babe. Come back. It's funny. It's not funny. Do you just keep saying, babe? It is when Willard does it. It's. I know you like super bed. Yes. Love super bad superman that one I'll give you. That's actually a funny movie. Wait, you're saying a movie with Seth Rogan is funny. Well, he does not have that big apart. Mark the date on the. That was the first time I ever saw Seth Rogan was in super bad. So I didn't hate him yet. Which came first knocked up or super bam knocked up. So I had seen Seth Rogan before. But I still didn't I didn't hate him yet you I feel so satisfied. What that I saw that? I like a movie with that. Seth Rogan has a minor part in. He has a minor part. But he wrote it. Yeah. Yeah. With Evan Goldberg. Hi can still crying. I can still like it. Not find him funny. Okay. I'm just. Okay. Now, this is for my money, the funniest movie of all time. And if you don't like this one, I don't know what we can do what is your opinion of airplane airplanes. Great. You said airplanes great. Yeah. Of course. Oh, it's funny movie with are you going to dismiss airplane? We dismiss Caddyshack. No airplane actually makes me laugh. Caddyshack. Doesn't know Cinderella story. New cleaning the masters. Yup. You're doing you. Don't find Bill Murray. Funny, you're doing caddy James find Bill Murray funding in funny movies. Like what what is funny funnier Bill Murray movie Caddyshack? Gimme time. It's most Jones us most is hot. What an obscure movie that is. Yup. Oh, one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five. What's an actually funny movie? No kidding up. We can't basis on hot rod because nobody seen hot rod. Jeff Kaminsky has seen hot rod at the two of us out here. Nobody can speak for him. Is just a stupid movie. Did you like hot rod? Yeah. They want funding scene in Howrah where he keeps falling down the hill.

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