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Is that the russians will build some component this loft g facility would be orbiting the moon it's basically a space station orbiting the moon and the russians bill some components and the europeans bill some components and we would build some components and the s l s rocket and orion we'll bring the components and astronauts to and from and basically american taxpayer will pay the europeans in roscosmos to build their components trust me that's really the issue they want us to pay for their components much like we pay paid for the russian components on i s s and so if the russians announced in a news article is that they're in negotiations with nasa saying that if they're going to bring their components on sa l s all they want one of the astronauts on board or ryan to be there to help assemble and install those those components in this case the first one that came up with the airlock for the lock chief facility it's gonna be a russian airlock module and so they want a russian to go along and it's the only craft that's being designed right now to go to lop tea is alliance so that this is a discussion about putting or a russian astronauts on orion whenever the last is taking russian components to lop g it's all very nice it sounds wonderful but you know congress has yet to put any money into lop g none at all the basically sos o rien is only funded through its first manned mission which is supposed to happen in twenty twenty three but you know maybe twenty four maybe twenty five was supposed to happen in like twenty five i'm hearing no russian bob that's what i'm hearing here.

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