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The report one and Warren shot back I consider and turns his in a different direction here in Iowa polls continue to show a close race this is a real Tossa multiple surveys but former vice president Joe Biden Sanders and president this happened in the anime or people who judge in a statistical tie the date the debate airs on CNN at nine o'clock tonight a cyber security company says Russian military hackers of compromise the Ukrainian gas company connected with former vice president Joe Biden's son hunter who previously served on the board there Russian agents reportedly launched a fishing campaign against Parise ma possibly looking for material to damage the bidens CBS news security analyst Paul viola says this was an advanced effort against the Ukrainian company what we're looking at right now is a strategic deployment of advanced fishing where log in credentials are actually handed over by the recipient unbeknownst to them it's really quite sophisticated and it's a matter of of electronic compromised that the Russians have the in state Russian hackers have mastered not clear what the hackers were looking for or what they might have obtained up ahead the European Union rebuking Iran over its nuclear violations warning that sanctions are possible eleven thirty four there are certain.

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