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Whatever it is and and always looking like what words that purpose in life what you know similarly feed that purpose instead of god's saying i'm right here i'm standing right in front of you and i am the purpose you know and that's a selfish thing. It's it's saying. I've already given you your margin orders. You just haven't heard me. Yeah sure and then when. I open tune that radio in said okay now now i know what to do because i finally started listening to him. Immerses listening to the world. Yeah i think that brings us full circle. And this is what i tried to communicate to my my adult children who are young adults but my children all the time invest where you are b all in wherever you are because if you seek to follow god i and he'll get you where you wanna go as we talked about at the beginning but i think to me that's that's the key to transitioning to the various stages of life is saying i want to. God wants me to do i. So if he wants me to do this thing. I'll do that thing if you want me to do this other thing. I'll do this other thing if he wants something else. I'll do that. But it's it's about seeking him. It's it's fascinating to see people who have made major life transitions and maybe it was. Because of the death of a spouse maybe it was because of a job transition or a downturn or you know whatever you see all these major transition they do so wow it's just like surfing nice way you're up you're down but your movie and you make it and you get through that roof section and you come out on the other side But that's because their purpose isn't attached to any of those things it's attached to god but then there's people who absolutely crashes something changes. Yeah because they believe that's their purposes they like. I don't know where to go from here. i don't know what to do. There's nothing else this is it and if this is all that's left than than i don't want it you know. Then they make that agreement that this they're better off without me all leroy house or you know. And that's the last one is for them to make that ultimate bad decision at and You know having having our focus and and that identity in jesus is really what changes all us. That's right and that's where the hope is felt exactly. Yeah and and the joy comes back on her life. There's guys you can ask. When's the last time you were happy with no ten years ago last time he did something fun and you knew. There was joy and purpose in life when i was in the rain. Or whatever service you may you know and just like wow you know being your hair did than you're going to get your heart and your legacy and your purpose.

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