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Food deserts lack of medical education training most doctors are really not trained most health professionals are not really trained in the site science of nutrition but at the same time it does seem to me that good a program that's based on health and the fastest growing part of the federal budget approaching almost a trillion dollars or health costs in large part because of chronic diseases caused because caused because of diet and related factors that we should at least be open to looking at this issue and dan glickman is a former agriculture secretary yesterday at a consumer federation of america conference it's a tough public policy issue because a lot of the retailers aren't really happy with this proposal and some of the anti hunger groups aren't happy with the proposal because there's a belief that we shouldn't treat snap recipients any different than non snap recipients i understand those proposals those issues but the healthcare implications are so monumental for our country that we at least have to be open to the fact that there is this other side of the equation which is the public health side of the equation and by the way there are some good signs happening out there farmers markets are increasing helping people buy fruits and vegetables more easily available we have doubled up bucks programs more states are beginning to require phys ed although it's sometimes very expensive for them but nutrition has to be a big part of the game a few years back i was on a council on foreign relations program on noncommunicable diseases in the developing world so these were diseases like cardiac cardiovascular diseases diabetes arthritis cancer not diseases like malaria and in working through this report i was amazed at how little attention was given to nutrition now there was a lot of attention given to stopping smoking which is a great idea and getting more pharmaceuticals into the developing world but nutrition hadn't made its way into this discussion very much and it's just as big a problem the united states as it is in the developing world and so i i wanted to mention that to you because i'm sure it's a subject that that's going to come up and probably getting to get a fair amount of discussion just a couple of other things i wanted to discuss and one relates to the role of.

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