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He's played three years. Look. Here's the other thing. They have a new head coach coming in who's going to run his defense if Brian Flora's like saving Howard. You're not trading him. If he thinks he's dispensable. They are trading him that decision. I believe will emanate strictly from what Brian Flora's feels about saving Howard, Brian floors to go over as the, mommy. Say coach Monday afternoon, he was immersed in Super Bowl talk. So well, the dolphins beat writers feel like they may be willing to move on from him. The one person really knows that is the head coach would just go over. And we haven't heard from him on that subject. The voice is starting to go at him. So we have one more voicemail. Thank josh. And it's the best of the day. If the Niners was out on Tonio Brown and the trait and she probably will are they in the market through free agency draft for receiver, which they desperately. Well, first of all what is losing out in Tokyo round. How do you even know that the Niners are interested in an Tonio Brown? So if they're not interested not overly interested could they even lose out on them then. So I know that there's been all this speculation about in Tokyo Brown to the Niners. Nobody from San Francisco has substantiated that nor could they because it would be tampering, but I have not gotten a sense. That they are basically all in on getting into Neo Brown. Maybe they will. But again, there are a lot of needs for that team wide receiver is one of them. And we don't know whether they would wanna veteran or young receiver or whatever may be I go back to this during the season last year, the Niners had the opportunity to go trade for Josh Gordon. And ultimately they decided that they better off not doing that as much as they would have liked to have added another wide receiver. So I would say what's different about this situation. Then that one. We'll see over time. But the question I thought was flawed in the sense that you said what if they lose out on an Tonio Brown when we don't even know for sure that they'll be interested in trading for him. We know Antonio Brown's inched in San Francisco, but we don't know if or how much that's reciprocal not only are you an NFL insider at your also, a spiritual guru breaking down the philosophy of can you lose out on somebody? You're not even interested in. I'm not tell you. They're not it's NFL version of if a tree falls in the forest and nobody's around to hear it doesn't make a sound. And I'm not telling you, they're not interested. But how do you know, they're that interested? There's there's been a lot of buzz, you know, with Jerry Rice comments and Josh I'll say it again. How do you know, they're that interested? I guess we don't I guess we don't, but we will have to see how it all turns. Out with Antonio Brown and his NFL future and will be here to do. So what I'm saying? I hear what I'm saying. I hear you. I hear you out of you know, there that interest. I do not I thank you better than me. And here to follow it all off season long, and we will continue to take your voicemails occasionally..

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