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One ball one strike in 1987 Andre Dawson left the nationally 49 home runs. He was the only Comes hitter in the decade to hit 40 or more home runs in a season who was the on Lee Cup? Besides Dawson to hit 30, or or more home runs in the 19 eighties, popped up foul authored by in a quick one into wasn't a Leon Durham? Dave Kingman or see Ryan Sandberg. So 100 Dawson was the only cub. In the decade to hit 40 or more home runs. There was only one other cop besides Dawson to hit 30 or more in the eighties Durham, Dave Kingman or Ryan Sandberg question. Good luck. I could tell you're doing some serious. Serious, deliberate. Well, I know that Samberg had a bunch of home runs, but I don't think that happened in the eighties swing and a miss down on strikes. Tyler Nay Quinn take area as his first strike out of the ballgame. Two men are gone in the second, and it brings up Nixon's L think I'm gonna go with And that is letter feet. That is letter B. E think it's who was a Durham Durham you make. It's either A or B and right now I'm going with Is that a Kingman? Is that a Jeff Brantley gas or is that a system? Guess pitches himself swinging a foul tip. Now that's that's my guest. Okay. All right. Well, good luck to you. We'll revisit this in a few innings and see if you want to stick with that. Or maybe Something triggers in your brain and makes you realize that hey, maybe I should go with a actually played with Dave Kingman. Here's the old one. Denzel bounces. 12 3rd waiting back on a Duffy Fields throws in times themselves out, and the Reds are down in order. In the second, You moved the third to nothing. Cubs lead the Reds onto the cowboy in the Cincinnati Bell Reds radio network..

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