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Move by D.C. United. They signed Belgium national team striker Christian benteke, Dave Preston WTO sports. All right, Dave, thanks. The top stories we're following for you right now on WTO a stormy start to our weekend here in the Washington area, we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect right now for Prince William county, including the cities of manassas and manassas park, big part of that storm right now, just to the south of bristow to the east of Knoxville and it's heading on east. It's throwing off a lot of thunder and lightning right now. But several other areas also getting hit hard, including prince George's county and then heading on down towards Calvert. We'll keep an eye on things for you here on WTO. Two of the four people heard after a lightning strike during last night's storm have died. They were a married couple in their mid 70s from Wisconsin hit in Lafayette park across the street from The White House. Two other people are in critical condition, D.C. fire and EMS say it's unclear whether the victims were hit by lightning or a falling tree. We've had raging inflation we've had rising anxiety about a possible recession, but America's hiring boom, it's still on. Last month, employers added a surprising 528,000 jobs and the unemployment rate dropped to three and a half percent. Keep it here on WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. But having money news now ends the day up 77 points, a big D.C. structure makes architectural digests shortlist. I'm Jeff claypool. For 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s, Dave dildine take it away. All right, let's go southbound through Virginia on three 95 and 95. Malans on three 95 before king street, one disabled in the second lane from the right called in, and then slow in the main lanes, rubber necking, a crash in the express lanes through Springfield. The crash in the easy pass lanes is southbound beyond the fairfax county Parkway overpass and blocking the right side. Volume delays on 95 southbound through Quantico and through Stafford county and northbound very heavy through Fredericksburg city limits, and then northbound from woodbridge on and off to the beltway in Springfield, and the auto lip in Italy are pretty heavy toward the big bridges leaving Virginia. That's just volume, but on the outer loop of the beltway, traffic is still stacked from old Georgetown road and the spur south across the American legion bridge on the outer loop, though, although the crash near the dulles toll road bottleneck traffic for a long time, it is entirely on the right shoulder and all lanes remain open there on the outer loop 66 is not so bad, traffic or weather wise, but just south of there threw manassas as you've been hearing your bristowe. Very heavy rain and it's probably time to start thinking twice about those slow bridge crossings over broad run like LucasFilm road or brentsville road. On the beltway and prince George's county on the outer loop from Andrews toward landover, the going is still very slow. The crash after two O two before 50, still blocking the right side, heading to the bay bridge, no traffic or weather issues at the moment. These bound traffic is not so bad. It's westbound drivers who are backed up to about castle Marie to rode because of two way traffic. Eastbound on the eastern shore, however, it is very slow going out of Queenstown, the crash before two 13 blocks the left side, the crash after two 13 closer to four O four. Well, that one is now clear. I'm Dave dildy, WTO traffic. Let's get back to samar Theodore at storm team four as we continue to watch the heavy weather. What do you see right now? Right now, I am tracking some storms, this is all actually situated

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