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Oh, and because of that different because of growing up there and growing up with them. I've never had patients for route people. Yeah. Because though they I was a kid. They had I could give them nothing. Yeah. They got nothing from me in that sense. They were kind they were so sweet. Yes. So sweet. Down way means a lot, and it, does it sticks with you. And that means that they're young actors who one day when they're are a little older. We'll get to say the same thing. Yeah. Maybe you know it's a cycle, you know that. And that's it. It's also it's also why someone wants to hire you. Yeah. Although that is an interesting thing about the work really being it does I always heard it, and I was like, well, I just think I'm always going to be working, you know, like, I don't know, even though when I had Hannah I really just loved stopping I was working, maybe once a year much less, but I did really love being a mom and raising her. I just always had that sense. The work is here to Lois, come, and it does, but it really is true you get older. And it really does start to it's just lessons. You have to find other other means to keep yourself going. I want to ask you about something I this isn't a anything negative in any way. But you you were. Co-star on a big network TV series. Right. Co created by David milch. Yes. Capital news. Just aired as we're speaking, two point. Oh or something. Right. And, and Lloyd, bridges was star. Yes. And this had all the promise no one ever asks about that this habit, all the promise of being like a new yes show something like Aaron Sorkin snooze. Exactly. Generation later. Yes. And it didn't it didn't work. I know we did one season. And it just kind of I mean he's brilliant. David milch. There's no question, and I saw how he worked with actors people would come in, and if they had a problem he'd be like, come on bring them over to the computer and have them if he was have if somebody had trouble, I remember him going, like, well, what do you think he should say, or, you know, like he was just which always is the best a lot. Darren sorkin. And he's the genius of all geniuses. But I don't know why that didn't go. I, I haven't seen it since then. So I'd be curious. Yeah. Yeah, I know. I think it aired, I think air, it did go on the episode. So it did go. Yeah. Yeah. 'cause I was wondering about that. Because when you're starting a series you don't know, know if it's going to be five years out of your life. Exactly. Or thirteen weeks out of your exactly, and you have to obviously be optimistic and positive and getting ready to settle in. Yeah. Here's long getting to know your fellow actors and the crew, and you're doing the producers and, and sometimes the rug gets pulled down to be very funny feeling. Well, I think I don't think it's just actors I think it's anyone that's in the creative business and generating their own work or being dependent on other people to give them work. It's very unpredictable. I mean it's not for the faint of heart. Sure. And certainly not got you did. Get to do as you mentioned earlier, briefly some voice work for DC. Yes. I play Martha Kent in the DC. It's called. Oh, gosh. Don't re-taped this. Let me just fall on my face. It's the animated Batman the animated series. Yes, I play Talia the Russian villain. And I have a lot of people Comecon come up with their Taliban animated things cell and I signed superhero.

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