President Trump, Melania Trump, NBC discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


16 right now, on Colorado's morning news. Our top story, the president and the first lady began their quarantine this morning after they both tested positive for Corona virus. The president broke the news on Twitter, he said. They will begin the recovery process immediately, and we'll get through this together. Trump and his wife were tested after one of his closest aides hope Hicks tested positive. On Thursday, NBC News Radio's Mark Mayfield. Some medical experts say they're not surprised that the president's diagnosis is a very contagious virus. Okay, and and the virus doesn't care doesn't care who you are doesn't care where you are it just like the jump from host to host. CNN Medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta says the president has engaged in risky behavior like not wearing a mascot, large gatherings. The CDC guidelines say the president is at high risk of severe illness from covert 19 because of his age and his weight. NBC News is Hallie Jackson said. The White House is aware of the risk The president, as you say, is in his seventies. He is part of a risk group here. This is incredibly serious. The president is considered obese. Melania Trump is healthy and 50 years of age. Denver health is stepping up to help local teachers and students during the pandemic. The health care system donated tens of thousands of pieces of P p E to Denver public schools. The district received the delivery of a number of boxes of face masks and face shields this week. Denver health officials say they want everybody to feel secure as they go back to you in person. Learning people in Colorado with prior marijuana possession convictions are having their records expunged. Governor Jared Pulis issued an executive order on Thursday absolving over 2700 people who were found guilty for having announced or less of the drug. In his statement, Paul is called the convictions absurd. NBC News Radio's Brian Shook reminder to move over Elaine. If you see emergency vehicles on the side of the road, Colorado Springs Sergeant Jason Research says drivers should also reduce their Speeds by about 20 Miles an hour is for the safety of both the officer.

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