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Spokesperson Krister Mattson told CNN. The land will not be broken up into small units and will forever be forest land. I'm Brian shook And I meant about Drollas in Hong Kong here, this hour's top business stories and the markets. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is summoning regulators for a meeting about the recent retail driven volatility and markets. The SEC, the Fed Reserve and the New York Fed is being requested to attend. The commodities Futures Trading Commission is also being summoned. Yellow wants to discuss whether the activity we've seen recently is consistent with fair and efficient markets. Alibaba is yet to spell out its plans for navigating a crackdown from Beijing. The company faces an ongoing antitrust probe in its earnings call, Alibaba confirmed there are many uncertainties. CEO Daniel Jang said More details will be provided when an internal review is complete. Alabama posted a 37% increase in quarterly sales. Still is shares are down 4% today in Hong Kong, a private rating of China's services sector activity dropped in January. The session P m. I felt a 52. It stood at 56.3 in December that marks the slowest growth was saying in nine months. Has led battery supply it C 80 Ellis surging in China, it plans to invest $4.5 billion in additional manufacturing facilities. Seattle has been under growing pressure to scale up its operations. As the wants to produce 40 times more cars than it did last year by the end of the decade, Apple reportedly invest $3.6 billion into key emotions. Local outlet, Donna reports the company's a parting to make electric vehicles. Apple will build cars. That kid's facility in Georgia in the U. S a deal maybe signed by mid February and Apple cars could be on the market by 2024. Is trading back at levels not seen since 1997 looking at markets now, and they're broadly pointing higher in Asia, Australia, leading gains up 1%, Japan and Taiwan also hire the hang sang down 7/10 Percent Global news 24 hours a day on and on Bloomberg quick take part more than 2700, journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. In Hong Kong. I'm Annabelle Drollas. This is Bloomberg. This.

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