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Furnace tuna by calling 809 48 Mike. Traffic a mother on the AIDS Now it's a holiday. Jack Taylor. How's that affecting traffic? Well, for now, Volume's still pretty light sand again. You got a lot of teleworkers. But with one big issue we had in Howard County was an elegant city was a tractor trailer accident this morning that occurred just after midnight. 70 eastbound exit 87 the right lane and the Ram plane that takes you to North found 29 exit 87 B had been closed. I think the only people that are left on scene right now our state highway authorities removing cones from the roadway, so probably by the time you get there, you'll have lanes open. There is a delay. But it's because you're only getting by single file left and again no access to 29 North bound, But that should change. Probably within the next minute or two Bright seat road north of Arena. Dr. Hyattsville we had a reported crash. It was also accident activity on 1 75 South bound euro Tintin road, You may still find yourself under some direction now, for now. Maryland and Virginia Beltway Quiet No worries at a Frederick to 70 South heading toward the lane. Divide 95 3 95 66 Everybody off to a pretty decent start. We've had trouble in Falls Church, Wilson Boulevard near Roosevelt Boulevard. We had a reported crash. She was near Peyton Randolph Drive. Now you will find again this morning on the rails. Marc Trains suspended all service on the pen. Camden and Brunswick Line's trains were expected to resume service on all three lines Thursday morning. V R E not operating through Wednesday. This week v R E plans to resume the S scheduled service plus Fredericksburg Line trains 303 +07 again on Thursday morning on Metro 13 stations. Air closed inside the security perimeter. There is a full list on w t o p dot com Trains will be operating that just will not stop. At these stations. Don't forget the multitude of closures downtown. Obviously right around the inauguration numbered streets across the mall from one all close to Inauguration day. There is an immense list on w th calm Watch for metal debris right now. Westbound on the freeway near six Street Southeast. It was reported along the left side of the roadway. Stay with w. T. O p all week long for inauguration coverage presented by Penn Fed Credit Union. Whether you're in uniform or not, you can apply today at Penn fed dot Or Gjallica Taylor w T o p traffic. Lauren Ricketts with our forecasts that some clouds we've got some sun today very similar tea yesterday and still little breezy. At times. Temperatures are in the low to mid forties. Lighter winds tomorrow temperatures near.

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