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News booth. Let's get the big story with Jack Crumley. Thanks, Blazer, Republicans and Democrats reacting to the April jobs report put out today that was lower than expected. Fox is Kristin Fisher has more Republicans say that this report is proof that the president's policies are actually hurting. The U. S. Is economic recovery, While the White House says that the report is proof that the U. S government still needs to spend twill Ian's more dollars in order to get out of the hole Was created by the pandemic, so forecasters have been predicting gains of close to a million jobs in April. But when the data came out that revealed that the U. S economy had on, Lee added 266. 1000 the unemployment rate ticked up to 6.1% from 6% in March. Now the U. S Chamber of Commerce is blaming this weak jobs report on the federal enhanced unemployment benefits, and the chamber is now calling for an end. These $300 weekly payments. U S Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen today said that's not the case. In fact, the data, she said, shows the exact opposite that you are. He is not preventing people from going back to work. President Biden, arguing that the economy is on the right track and that his jobs plan was designed to help the country recover over the course of the year investigating a pair of unrelated fires. Buckeye Lake Winery was hit by an electrical fire. At least that's the suspicion overnight damage to that facility. The owner says it will keep them shut down for months. Also an 89 year old woman has died after a fire in Wester Ville crews were called to Brisbane Avenue last night. Lowest Beechler was not able to escape. They were working smoke detectors in the home. There is no word yet on the cause of that fire. The Ohio Republican Party's central committee has voted to censure Congressman Anthony Gonzalez of Cleveland, along with nine other GOP congressional members, who voted in February to impeach former President Trump. The former Ohio GOP chair. Jane Timken initially defended Gonzalez. She is now running for Senate and has since been calling for him to resign. City of Columbus launching programs to keep kids safe during the summer. Mayor Gunther says it will consist of everything from late night basketball two jobs. He hopes that more options will get kids. Maura involved. Mayor Gunther says crime in the city needs to drop. He made those comments after a nine year old was shot this week. Community centers will be open from 6 to 11 at night, starting in June. More information on the city's schools out websites about 1400 new covert infections reported in Ohio today that is again under the three week average, Same with new hospitalizations and new ICU admissions across the state. Although Ohio is still several times over where Governor DeWine has said, We need to be in cases Before health orders airlifted Theo Columbus Symphony, coming back to the stage of the Columbus Bicentennial Pavilion, for what they say will be a summer of music. The symphony announcing today that the nationwide picnic with the pop series will run June 12th. July 31st and the popcorn pop Syriza's June 18th through July. 16th tickets are expected to go on sale in the coming weeks, and experts are continuing to predict or at least try to predict where and when a Chinese rocket that's heading toward Earth will actually land. Fox is Phil Keating has more New York to New Zealand original forecast possible crash zone still remains in play. This is a fluid situation. And since the rocket is tumbling in, orbiting and spiraling and falling out of control, is proving very difficult to predict exactly where or a region where it is going to crash land, but pretty much U. S Space Command and all space trackers agree that is going to happen This Saturday or Sunday Trackers had a splashing that the South Pacific but one tracker things Western Asia and another things maybe Northeastern Africa, so it remains possible that pieces of it could still land on an inhabited area. The rocket is 98 ft. Long weighing over 20 tons. Use radio 6 10 telling you TV end Sports. The Malum, Ohio Part two begins tonight in Cleveland as the Indians host The Reds, who want two of three in Cincy three weeks ago, tried come in, having won five straight. The Clippers, meanwhile, continue their season opening six game series in Louisville. The home opener is coming up Tuesday. This blue jackets updated service of Buckeye Express logistics. Jackets host Detroit tonight and tomorrow in the final two games of the season. The Jackets seven Detroit eighth right now, separated by a point in the central Division and soccer tomorrow, the crew back home against D C as they resume their MLS schedule from the central Iowa Honda Dealer Sports Test Matter Qualities Radio 16 w TVs again tonight scattered showers and storms through midnight clearing overnight. We're looking at patchy frost and a low of 36 degrees. Sun and clouds tomorrow. Cool and pleasant look for clouds to increase an evening with a high of 58 rain Saturday night into Sunday, Mother's Day Sunday looking breezy and cool high in the mid fifties..

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