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And going playful about sex love is dancing very rigidly laughing with channelled friends and playing some species with kits it only happens pragmatism when you're capable of reproducing mature love one of of the longstanding things about humans with committed our huge partners brains and are huge social fill out systems here is that selflove we go about herself the compassion process of and most affiliation radical of all and attachment a gop a and bonding selfless and sex compassionate in really complex love for social everyone ways and which i we think use we would all like to see sexuality more of in the world for purposes so let of me affiliation introduce paulsen and use together affiliation with our next for the guest purposes jeff of made schloss david sloan wilson okay picture this signor at the beach the current is strong in fact you know the riptide could suck you read out to sea and then you see a kid out there are screaming and there is no one else around you are the only one who could possibly saving but you don't even know if you could so what do you do well we know that some people will take extraordinary risks to help total strangers the question is why and for scientists this poses a real challenge for any theory of altruism dean there is no evolutionary reason why i should swim out to try to rescue that kid at least i don't think there is so can science explain why we want to help other people and to get back to our theme for this show are these acts of hashim also experiences of love well lucky for us we have to distinguish guests here to help us sort out these thorny questions both our evolutionary biologists jeff schloss is a senior scholar at the bile logos foundation and david sloan wilson is president of the evolution institute welcome both of you sure.

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