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Who at the same time say, our culture is terrible. How did that happen? How long have we got to talk about that? But you'll see, I think it was debating Australia's L. But we have had those terrible bombings in attacks on the judges in Sri Lanka recently following the terrible events in New Zealand, quite rightly after the tobe events in New Zealand. World leaders talked about it being an attack on Islam and those missed that there was ready acceptance and I wouldn't quarrel with this, that there was legitimate questions to be asked about extremist westerners. And what responsibility we might have? Have four. Happening Christ's church, but after the Sri Lanka attacks, there was a reluctance to even recognize that this was an attack them churches. There was a reluctance to recognize that it was jihadi elements. A perpetrated these attacks daily remember term Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in their tweets wouldn't even use the word Christians. They talked about Easter worshippers and for some reason, there is an embarrassment about what I think is some of the best aspects of Judeo Christian, western civilization. This isn't about this isn't about white supremacy, people seem in a rush to conflate western civilization with white supremacists. All sorts of people have different backgrounds and colors were part of western civilization. It's a it's a set of values of democratic liberal principles and. Deepen universities. Now, deepened, so much of a media culture is a reluctance to say that our civilization is, is a very good one. That's flawed has problems, but we should be defending it. And we think actually it superior tool, turn, it is that seem to be much. One of the most controversial things you could possibly say, and so many newsrooms and university lecture halls, let's have a little bit Blaise PASCAL. Brilliant thinker. And writer absurd very simply that main hike religion and of course by that he meant Christianity. Yup. He wasn't talking about anything. Ellison takes time that he was writing in front men, height religion for fear. It may be true is something Mike up that wants to deny the concept of truce of it's uncomfortable if it doesn't suit will view, it doesn't suit where we're sitting at the moment. I think at a fundamental level. That's true. And I think it's true in so much of our political discourse at the moment, there seems to be. An unwillingness to wrestle with facts. People seem so dug into that political, philosophical cultural positions, and they can now in a in a media culture, weather, so many voices, they, they confined, voices on arguments that reinforce what they want to believe the don't just chew on the left on the liberal side of thing, we can be guilty of on the right conservative classical liberal side as well. One of my biggest worries about the west in the populist ages following some very extraordinary election results. In a time when technological coach will economic and social changes happening. Simultaneously, everyone thinks the same as they did before these events happened newspaper editorials. Spitting the same lines think tanks coming out with the same ideas and policies politicians, repeating the same ideological positions if facts are changing on the ground, and we're thinking exactly as we did before these events occurred asking for change in principle change your principles. But the application of those principles should change in times of tumult. And I think we're seeing that the entrenchment the group think the lack of openness to reason, in fact, which underpinned into the Christian based enlightenment that worries me a great deal. So you've touched on something very important. And I try very hot on shore from filed to remember it myself not. None of us have a monopoly on episode rotten have to wrong. We all occasions get it wrong. And whether you from the left or the right, one of the things that seems to have lost out of the system is the idea that the dividing line between good naval somewhere across every him and hot. Now, if we talk about evil that would call seen. It's usually in the in the sort of you're a dinosaur start using those what is turns. But we actually do to in very disparaging terms about the, the terribleness, if you lock people we disagree with, with that understanding that we have shared humanity. We're all mixture. It's been washed out. And if we talk about able, it's usually in terms of a lack of quality between the racial groupings and the inability to get on, but even between men

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