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Yeah, who don't have that? They just have great music more than there's no sense of danger to them like the stones in the most cliche, yes. In the most cliche, it's the most sort of cliche like dumb ass. Dumbed down sense. But that's true. I mean, because that's what even in hip hop on people reference being a rock star. They mean like Mick Jagger, which is weird though. They awesome. Do me like Keith moon, they don't know who keeps moving right, but they they do mean the thing is Keith moon was the ultimate hotel rebbe, but he wasn't sexy, right? But he was the drummer and those stories almost feel separate from the legacy of the who it's legacy of Keith in a weird way to quote p. We were the first band of the bar and find the distance to the stage too far which actually now maybe he was trying to use actually trying to say like, hey, we were fuck ups to which they were. But yeah, there's just something I, it's just a and I think there's also, you know, there's a suspicion of big arena rock, but listen like the. Bands that you would say, okay, they wouldn't exist without our Pearl Jam. YouTube will also are not considered super cool, but you know, at least back, you could argue they gave birth to power pop, and punk and arena rock. All three different things. Yes, I've gone around arguing that. I think I think it's very true. They definitely invented power pop. Yes, and even prog and some crazy ways you could argue. So there's so many different things that came out of yet. They don't get the credit for much of it. He is just starving an alley. I'm not saying that I've seen. Zepplin looms, so large and the who, and zeppelin in the seventies, whereas big and since nineteen eighty gone in such different directions out, say since nineteen ninety ninety one, I think from the moment that John Bonham died and they split and it was just frozen in time. It's yeah, it's it's hard to say, but yes, I know what you're saying and the general interest in the rock canon as a whole has declined. But even relative to that, this is peculiar thing and and it cannot stand this aggression. Can I say, well, we should mention a messy set of ugly allegations against towns and that we won't dig into it. But you know if it doesn't appear to be really based in in any truth, it's just a really unfortunate ugly thing that you idiots to talk about, but that didn't help either tar them. They had a Broadway play on full house. When Danny was singing the song to embarrass daughters, he was singing a song, it's they body. Like with dad's like in a lot of ways? Yes. So it's unfortunate association, and you know that said there's never been a Quadrophenia musical on Broadway. They tried one on like the West End. I think I feel like you never know. You never know. Things could have a moment. I think Tommy, I think the culture isn't probably not gonna have another Tommy moment though, like next year is the fiftieth so God knows whether under the. Yeah, and I think Tommy, I think there's a the who have a strange story, and that's one of the reasons I love them is this is a strange unruly story. I mean, Tommy has way too much weight in the history of the who is the stones. Don't have anything like that. Have you know it's as if you know their satanic majesties request became bigger than the the stones. I mean, it's a bad comparison Thomas much. They were damaged by it and they can't flogging it over and over again a movie, a tour in the eighties, play. Again, they, they kept flogging it, but if you listen to something like young man's blues from live at Leeds like that for me is the very essence of of the who as much as you know, it's funny Stevens says the best who album and I cut to argue with this to face and he really believes he believes.

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