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Wrestling event. There which was very very video game centric. You know like what's his name To be was there whatever he you know he was there obviously because he's the CEO so he was air wrestling and and so that that's what you do like. He just had you know up since everyone is here. Let's do something. Let's invest some money into like an event here and kind of help get started a little bit. Yeah I saw on your guys website that you you had the dramatic. Beta is that. That's I read a little bit about it. Basically working with high school students and college teams to to you know help match together. Like what do you see is like the outlook of like high school and College? Sports like programs. How is that something? That's up and coming as well. I haven't really looked into it all that much. You know. Obviously I've seen a some universities in the area offering sports programs and he's sports scholarships but I haven't really kept too much of a pulse on development of kind of that area so in terms of like dramatic baiter and and it's changing a little bit now to like just because of our relationship with them with with vector gaming and Robert at gaming. You know who You know he invested a lot of money into into space and good good friend of mine and we do a lot of work together and some stuff that's going to be coming out in. The coming weeks obviously came out sooner by everything going really pushed a lot of a lot of things back so you know the. There's two things at play here. I think there are two. You know a two obstacles at play. One is selling the idea of this to administrators chair. Because what happens is is that you know you run into administrators. Think every game is not every game duty they think every game grand theft auto so I. It's tough where they think that this is to Violon Yada Yada Yada. You could tell them till they're blue in the face. You know what I mean in terms of like you know what this means the community that brings you know. Trust me like you'll have more problems at your. You Know Ed. Your College Football Games. We had the call. Insecurity and underage drunkenness. And stuff like that and fights in the stands like you probably won't get that at any sports event. Yeah you know and only that but how diverse you know the the the the game popular. The the the Gamer population is on on campus. So you know they're always trying to like. How can we bring only more people together but people from different backgrounds together more diversity? Perfect for that. So that's one the other the other thing that that that's plate here that another obstacle is the start up costs now in the greater scheme of things have startup. Costs are less than would cost to like you know. Build the new hockey arena football field. I mean heck I mean even laying down you know like it costs. Millions of dollars even built a track. Yeah it's crazy it's crazy so we're we're talking like a very very minimal investment and so the idea is is like well you know they can. They can build these things because they can sell tickets to it and they see the money that they don't see their return in You know an investment and you know it's hard to convince a college that may not be bought into it right away that like you know and again in the world we live in nowadays and I forget what it was like you know. Some country was talking about north. America works where life operates on on a on a quarterly basis like life should be like on a yearly basis. You have highs and lows and everything else like that but here it's just like what have you done for me lately. You know like I mean you had great sales numbers but tomorrow you fired because you didn't sell anything so take that you know where it's like. Listen you probably looking at like five to six years and they're just like all right so telling me that like I'm not going to see money or any sort of return until like Bo. Basically people who are like juniors in high school right now. We're GONNA be seniors in you know in college that so it's kind of hard for them to really see that. Return because at the anomaly that in an and their defense you know every day they're getting calls or requests from every club that you know whether it's the dance club the you know the The the movie club. The AV club you know all the different clubs that occur you know on campus. They're all kind of looking for you. Know for money and a lot of these colleges. Don't our in most colleges that are getting into? Es Sports Very Very Small Colleges. That honestly don't have anything else and they do see a program from some college. I've never even heard that college performing. Well let's it's nice doing by some not with us is because because outside of the big ten because like here's the thing like like the the you know the big ten like the Midwest essential part of America is so far ahead in these sports. You would think that that's where he has his worst like what's going on in Boston. What'S GOING NEW YORK? Why is like Ohio and Michigan and Texas? So far ahead of us just because they they believe like in the community where here. It's just that like you know it's GonNa make us any money like I don't know probably not you know I don't know you know maybe maybe not but like we're we're looking like ten years down the road and you know Also ends up happening here. Is that like up here. Because he has so many colleges that like let's face it like you know they're all competing for the same students but none of them are struggling for students right between northeastern the BBC. The be used the Harvard's the The MIT's the bentleys I know probably forgetting GonNa hate my guts but again like like northeastern doesn't need any sports team to increase popularity BC. Bu Did doesn't need in these team to increase their popularity or visibility right. There were focused on football and hockey or BC is and then everyone else's as high so they don't need it so they don't really feel the need to invest in it unless you know the big east or Hockey East's are ACC. Whatever it is in the Nazi the problem too is the big. Ten's the big ten big ten. You know they thrive off of those rivalries between the states that Michigan's Michigan State's. They thrive off of that. You know here you know there's BC BU northeastern and as everybody else and then everyone north Notre Dame fans basically so. It's so long story short like I think colleges in terms of college is being like I. This is just me and I and I'm not. I want to be as positive as I can be. I still think college is years away. Just because the fact that people who are how can I say this like colleges are spending more money on these key? Awesome land centers right land enters right. Problem is is that they're putting like the first person that comes into them with with with the Smiley face and a resume since I heart East Sports. You're no more than a year hired. And it's like what like the spending zero zero money in terms of getting the right person charged like what will like they. You know hire the first says. Oh my God. I'm a huge. Tom Brady always had a run. Your College Athletic Program. You know with no experience whatsoever. The hiring managers in our coaches in most colleges can't even get the name right for the title calling coaches right. I think coach I think bill. Okay manager I think you know Or President or whatever I think cam nealy right Don Sweeney. You know what I mean. I think that you know this. This whole sports ball thinks so they call someone a head coach. Mike. Why does he goes now well? He doesn't coach. He does say oh so. He's a manager. I'm just back from the burning car there. Is that putting someone who has no experience dealing with people no experience dealing with personalities. And you're putting them in charge of a of a whole wing which you know what the issue is that. If you hire someone who? How can I say this They don't have those skills yet to know what it's like to separate the real world from like from how can you say this Like the managers. I've heard of a lot of nepotism that's been pine their friends they're friends will get the primary will get the most amount of time in the land center though you know their friends and or the girl that he ends up dating and stuff like that like now. She's on the team or he's on the team or whatnot and it's like you know you don't have that person who is to be that authority figure. That is totally disconnected from emotion. Lambie only okay. This is what we need to focus on. What's good for the business more? So what's what's good for them to have on kind of personal personal fund. At the moment issue that colleges have to is that they want someone to run their run the whole program but to work for minimum wage right. Yeah so that's the other thing too and I would say to a big deal a big thing. You mentioned obviously the administrators. The age of administrators at this point in time is a drawback to just because they didn't really know anything about video games either so like you mentioned. They're they're hiring people with with no experience but at the same time they don't really have much you know grounds to really stand on as far as knowing what he sports are. What Video Games are so? I feel like no one really. Yeah Years Progress. Right now as the years. Progress in those administrators turned over to people who are younger who have more experience. You know doors will start to open a little bit more at that point two. Yeah and and again. I think it's going to be interesting to see where sports is five. Six seven eight years from now like are we going back. Are we going to go back to the good old days that I like which was just like you know you had you know brands who put teams together that you know it with very very other with very little like financial responsibilities put a put upon them from developers do? Mesa where it's just like. I'm sure a lot of teams would love to get an overwatch. You know but the regionalization. I'm sure a lot of people would love to get into college duty. But they're not GONNA get into it for thirty million the CPA steep asking price. I mean very few ords afford the first thirty million reminds Jack million. I mean so. So it's like you know they I. E that's why Leagues Franchise was at like ten million bucks. And I know when Echo Fox had sellers at sold around thirty cents like the market price but the thing is is that how can I say this.

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