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Can start using my Cologne the ladies love it so don't be shy Splashin on thanks dad you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent when you adopt a child in foster care just being there makes all the difference to find out how you can adopt please visit our website at adopt U. S. kids dot org or call one eight eight eight two zero zero four zero zero five a public service announcement brought to you by dot U. S. kids the U. S. department health Human Services and the ad council. today bullies aren't just at school cyber bullies can tie your child through mobile devices and computers to if your child is being bullied they may feel helpless or even run away from home for help call the national runaway switchboard at one eight hundred run away or visit one eight hundred run away dot org. wild fires burn millions of acres each year and each year wildland firefighters like fire chief James call battle to contain them. but they can't do it alone. a single amber that escapes from a welfare can travel more than a mile it's to the night and destroy your home your community or more that single member can be just as dangerous as the wildfire itself but you could do something firefighters can you can act now to the poor your home and your community for wildfire you can reduce the risk do your part go to fire adapted down or. get sire adapted to learn what you can do now to reduce wildfire damage later at fire adapted dot org a public service message brought to you by the US Forest Service and the ad council learn more.

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