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From the pizza to Ah car insurance. Shaquille O'Neal retired from the Lakers. He woz and I know if he still is a reserve police officer, he was with the port of Los Angeles as a reserve officer. Shaquille O'Neal has a lot of wealth increased that reward to the point that will deter people in the future from going out and trying to hurt and kill innocent people in particular law enforcement. There's absolutely no justification. No reason for this, but this home rhetoric this whole issue of violence and racism in this, Annette take it out on innocent people. We're there to protect us, sir. When I feel bad for the six year old child where the mother's in the hospital clinging to life, and her partner is there clinging to life and then these individuals have no principles, no morality. No, nothing. They are scum of the earth. Go out there and protest at the hospital calling for their come, too, And then it's got to come to an end now and whether it's the president or the vice president or Congress. I don't care what it is. But we are a country of laws and responsibilities and this type of activity is not acceptable. In the land of America. People have died for this country for the freedoms. The deliveries we have. This is absolute rages. And in my time on LAPD, I don't have 52 years of service with the Los Angeles Department and I've seen people who have ambushed before. This is not acceptable, so hopefully the reward will bring forth this suck this low form of humanity. Put him up to trial, and if it was the old days we'd take him by the way we take him out to the local oak tree and justice would be served. Well, let's do it the proper way. Let's do it through the court system. Let's do it where he gets representation. That's right out the motivation. What motivated this individual this fuck? To go out and try to kill not just injured, but to kill two definitely sheriffs who were young, Definitely sheriff who had a career ahead of them, and hopefully they'll be able to return to duty who gives him the right to go out there and ruin their lives and cause fear and anxiety throughout this region and those stocks that go to the hospital to try and block the driveway. And yelling that the officer should die. It is absolutely pathetic. It's inhumane. What these people are doing. What message do you have for the eye witnesses who were there who didn't render aid who didn't call 911, who instead made videos where they were essentially laughing and celebrating about the fact that two police officers got shot. Well, My message to them is if you want to get some money, don't worry about the Ah, getting the job. You can raid get over $100,000, and hopefully that will increase turned the stuck in. You saw what happened. You were there. In addition, there's a lot of video cameras around those transit stations. I'm sure the sheriff's department with our investigators, and they got great investigators. They're going to find who this individual is in a very, very quick time. But get this individual off the street and send a message to anyone else who has the idea of attacking law enforcement we're going on. In crime. This is not going to be tolerated. Way call the city of Los Angeles City of the Angels. God help us. Where have the Angels departed? Have they moved to Texas in Arizona, But we stopped some angels here. That's the message is turned this person in you were there you saw you have information. Obviously, this person doesn't didn't go out there all by themselves. Maybe these individual or assisting them. But the fact is the one that pulls that trigger one that pulled that trigger on those deputies sitting in that car, doing nothing except paperwork or watching or doing whatever not approaching, not get now. The car not approaching, not stopping, not doing anything. That individual who committed that vicious crime needs to be brought to justice as quickly as possible and get off the street and send that message to everyone else..

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