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West cracking. Everybody how you doing jason. I'm doing good you over there. you'll you'll kamin man. I can't talk today for some reason. The idea of literally everything literally sterry at it on a screen and again even right dollar hit twitch. Oh god lord out it looks you know. I need a vacation. May maybe doing this. You know every stream thing might might might might not be a great idea for your boy. My vacations getting really close at work. I can finally say on the calendar unless the month away while you know what. I actually got I got something to do on thursday. And hopefully saturday. I'll be able to go out and maybe hit the city. You know. go out and we might be doing some show up for the students at our stadium. Also you know yeah. Yeah yeah and then Probably hit the war. you know. Go have some seafood at the bread. Wohlers go out for the city for a day so we might be doing that on saturday and that'll be kind of a nice little vaca- but anyway so real quick already gave my thoughts yesterday. But jason i'm just your real quick thoughts on the passing of former niner tight end. Greg clark Everybody said about that you know. He played four years with us He's going to be mostly remembered for that. Green bay game. Where he's caught those threw touchdown passes for the most part. I mean he was your prototypical. Nineteen eighties quarterback or senior tight in. He wasn't going to catch the ball a whole lot. To know he was to block a whole lot You know but he played his role well and when it came time for me was pretty clutch when he came to catches late game stuff so but like i said you know it's i'm going you know it was funny because i believe if i'm not the stake in matt maiocco shared a story about him and i believe it was great clark that four game he had a trial tyrod taylor situation that they add on punctured his lung. Shoot them up with Novacaine and great. I believe it was great carplay to it and so he played the whole game with fricking basically a hole in his lung and he said that you know he was extra tired. He said he tasted gasoline and was extra tired. Extra tired yelled throughout the game. And then after the game they went ahead and check them out and we're like to get to the hospital or right now of an. Apparently i guess. His wife was in labor and his wife ended up getting Going into labor on the way the hospital are on our way to the hospital. It was like a crazy story. But i wanted to say i believe it was great. Clark that may go said that happened to and so it was one of those situations that you know. I mean let's be real. I'm i'm thirty five going to be thirty five and a half Shortly after the season matter of fact by week week two. I'll be thirty five. And a half and i remember greg park playing. You know. I remember those two two touchdowns against green bay and i'm sitting here thinking to myself like i am i. Am i old enough yet. It's are having football players. I remember drafting dying. I don't think of that old. And so ironically was forty nine years old so obviously our hearts and thoughts and prayers are going out to his wife and his children. And you know honestly i. It's one of the very few things that sucks about covering football. Is you know from what i read. From his family statement he was Recently suffering from symptoms of cdt. And you know it's just one of the things that sucks about playing football. Is you gotta live with stuff like this. You know and kinda you know. I'm not going to say i'm ever stop watching football or anything like that but you know it was. One of the things that does suck is that you know. Sport kills people you know. Let's let's not beat around the bush. White clark die got l. s. Because he played football. You are. Eero died. Basically because he played football and so. It's one of the very few things that sucks about covering covering and watching loving football. Is you kinda gotta deal with crap like that. But obviously the the awkward transition from real life scenarios so football but We're gonna go ahead and get into the tight ends and fullbacks throw quick on why i think it will go ahead and start off at fullback. Because that's the easiest one one. Gosh one yeah. Let's be real. I wanna give josh Hoc it is respect and stay that he went to fresno state appeared in fifty one games. Eight starts four years rushed for eight hundred five yards. Seventeen thousand three hundred and three carries also tariff tailed tallied. Tallied twenty five receptions for one hundred and fifty three yards and a touchdown. it's what nineteen ep In twelve games one star recorded seventy five carries for two hundred eighty seven yards and nine touchdowns also added seventy receptions for ninety seven yards in this touchdown as junior he period is thirteen games. One start registered. Seventy-three varies the two hundred sixty yards and a touchdown and eight receptions for fifty six yards. Twenty seventeen he played in all fourteen games. Four stars recorded one hundred twenty eight where i should prefer five hundred and fifty three eighty three yards and led the team with seven touchdowns on the ground as a freshman appeared in all twelve games two starts and contributed as a fullback running back and linebacker recorded twenty seven carries for one hundred thirty yards at seven decibels at linebacker and earned all academic our academic all honors. He attended kovas high school where he rushed for eight hundred twenty yards and eight touchdowns and notched one. Hundred and twenty. Five tackles the linebackers senior. He was named fresno beat athlete of the year. Ah covance is actually a really nice city. I used to live by president anyway. Let's be real. He's i can't body he's brought in that. Whatever you know snaps in whatever reps that fullbacks get the training camp. He's there to basically take a load off. Do you know we don't want our Our highly paid fullback slash lowly pay tight end to get out and training camp especially since with trae lance and trae lynch throwing check downs. You don't pretty consistently. I think that the will have a big role this year. Even more than than we've seen and so that of course if traced starts Yeah that's how i look at it. Jason your thoughts. Josh hoc it I play on sundays. No nothing against the guy. But i hope he doesn't play. I mean yeah. We need usov software and so maybe he's juice but right now going on of what we got. I don't wanna see him on sundays. Kinda the disrespecting you man but yeah we need to avoid going back to our show. Last season i had juice is one of my most valuable players on the team because he was healthy. So i mean.

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