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Aaron jones apparently some pessimism. They're playing thursday at san francisco. Dave i wanna green bay running back to start this week. Who am i taking. You will probably take tyler ervin to be that running back but you should have next to no expectations for him. Or for dexter williams who will be the other running back that figures to get work. Will you should count on his aaron rodgers throwing a lot and maybe even running himself a little bit. I do not have faith on in tyler ervin he. He's more receiver than running back and last week he dropped two passes on consecutive place. It's not great great either and they've both inexperienced and they're both probably below the average the line of average running backs. I guess i should say that there. Below average running backs this this is going to be a tough spot for the packers. That's a funny way of calling someone below average right these below the the light of the mendoza line and so i. We don't have that type of line in fantasy. I'm we could probably come up with a player at some point during the show and we can start putting running backs. Above and below that line yeah. Urban williams are below that line tampa bay running backs. Ronald jones could be that. Who wants to start him against the saints right. I'll take him over an or williams at this point. How about you. I'm in the same boat. I think urban probably catches four passes but he may drop two of them. Only get four targets and roger says. I'm not throwing any running backs. His game and dexter williams could fall into the end zone. Dexter williams could play ten snaps. If rodgers like the way it's going he could throw sixty five times on thursday night. So i'm not excited about either but npr. I'll go urban. That's probably the better way to go and obviously both forty niners running back ahead of the packers running backs. Yeah and map read ahead of them. Oh yeah for sure. It is interesting. Breed is interesting..

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