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It's extremely minor next if you can put up that next clip it's interesting to show and this data camps piece. I won't read it all but basically a closer look at where the cocaine into the US comes from shows that using the government's own statistics only seven percent of the cocaine that came to the US move through Venezuela's eastern Caribbean waters. The vast majority move through the eastern Pacific and by the way went through our friends the Colombians in other countries. That are allied. They're doing tons more trafficking but because we like those governments were completely ignoring The fact that they're key in this so-called drug trafficking that's right and this is an a used endlessly because this war on drugs has been going on for so long They learn nothing about the foolishness of prohibition of alcohol how things were made much worse. During prohibition as bad as alcohol is it was still not the answer to it but There there is effort to deal with problems that have had that has come from the financial bubble which is created by spending and the Federal Reserve. Which we all know about that It's it's something that we have done to ourselves. It's not the enemy. The enemy is within the enemy is not foreign its domestic and and then we do deal with the Baba and in the wrong way we deal with drug trafficking the wrong way and I think that more and more people are beginning to believe that maybe this overkill on regulating people's habits and rather than letting people make their own decisions with whom they should Associate it sure there could be some risk. Why can't they decide which group that are? GonNa go to in this closing down of all job and they think they can just just print money for all the harm that they do. Because I imagine that you know there were millions and millions of people now that are controlled by these rules. They put that we put on ourselves so productivity has to go down people going to suffer and they believe various insincerely that if you just print a lot of money is going to solve this problem and it might for a week. You know they're going to get a check and you know what if they give you know ten thousand dollars to family for a couple of months? Even it's not gonNa work but he's going to an essay only thing that we do but we do to ourselves is sort of. It's sort of weird. We put all the sanctions on the countries. We can't stand. Just look at the punishment that we put on the Iranian people. And even now we're pretending say. Hey maybe it's word overboard and we should help them out because they're so doing so badly but I'll believe that when I see it so the sanctions we do to our enemies but there's nothing as as inclusive as the sanctions that were putting on ourselves and you and you could throw into this. The damage done by having somebody a believes and teaches everybody. In our whole system that deficits don't matter printing money doesn't matter regulations are always good. Because they're you know well intended politicians and that's how you create a free and prosperous Happy Society I think we're on the wrong track to to to sorta summarize that were on the wrong track but I'm also convinced the right track is available to us and it's not that difficult to explain understand. It's much more difficult to overcome the political power that the politicians have in selling out these goods and services. What do you get free goods? I mean the epitome of this is people running for the presidency thinking you know. What kind of free stuff do you want? And it's corporations and individuals. Everybody wants the free stuff so when we get into the mass. That was predictable. I'll always say is We'll give you more free stuff. Well we'd better buckle down because that's coming to an an and they ought to look. Eventually we will have to if we want to that. The answers can be found in a free society not in totally authoritarian society and more socialism. That's that's for sure. But you know in the meantime. There are a lot of distractions out there and I think what we're talking about here is one of them. You know the neo. Cons led by pence idiotically last year deep declared one Guido. The president the Guy who never ran for office. Here's a president but they're coup which they promised trump this is gonna be a cakewalk. Don't worry we overthrow this guy within a week's no big deal. Totally flopped utterly flopped and. Now they're they're left a year later with egg on their face and they've got this open wound that they've created forty thousand people die because of our sanctions according to a recent study but what is covered nineteen. Now they see their opportunity. These neo cons. But here's what's ironic. Dr Paul. They're guilty of exactly what they accused of drug cartels of doing taking advantage of the corona virus to push their agenda. And that's exactly what what they are doing. But here's here's a kind of a twist if is a US about to invade as well. It's possible hopefully. Trump is astute enough to realize he's being setup and rejected. But here's a twist off to Paul. Didn't kind of flew under the radar on March. Twenty eighth The Russian News Agency. Tass reported that all asset all assets of the Russian company Rosneft in Venezuela have been acquired by the Russian government so the Russian government directly now controls and owns all of the assets previously owned by this semi private company. Rosneft in rush in Venezuela. So is the US going to invade Venezuela. Start blowing up a bunch of Russian oil assets That's a big question. A little more complicated than they had hoped for but they Unfortunately learned too late when the problems accelerate. I WanNa talk just short time. A mention about How Mexico fits into this because We know that Mexico's responsible for all our shortcomings and the borders or controlled by drug dealers. Which which is probably true which is a result of our drug laws so yesterday press conference they talked about cartels an mentioned Mexico. But I haven't heard any mention from the Mexican government who's not exactly for supporters of the trump administration and They they are saying that You know they. They may come out with a position that they're not so happy. You made the point you know to these. Even the drugs coming in a fair I only small amount comes through comes to Venezuela but we do know that a lot of drugs come through Mexico whom we do know there are drug cartels there But to say that the producer in the sale the people who sell this or the problems. Not The people who want to. Yeah you know at artificial prices. So I think that's a unknown right now on how they will respond because they many will decide to put a monkey wrench in this and but I can't believe our military people wouldn't have to take that into consideration if they're out attacking cartels but of course again the attack on the cartels is all a distraction you know. I don't think I don't think that's what they're real go is as their excuse. You know so is is to go in protect the American people against drugs. That was their excuse to justify this plan. War well hopefully. They'll realize that I'm going to close here. But Venezuela is not Panama. It's much bigger country with the larger military and it's not going to be a cakewalk. The Neo cons are talking about. Let's not forget also then. In Panama. Thousands of people were killed villages. Bombed at random civilians died. That wasn't reported in the US because we needed a real feel good story. And that's what it was but I would just close by saying you know we We are getting a lot of interesting comments from commenters recognize on our site and that's good and bad. A lot of people are coming in. Iran have always supported you. But I'm going to break with you now cutting suspicious so it's kind of interesting to see that happening but I would finally close with a little update on our conference because we haven't talked about a lot and frankly the reason is we don't know it's up in the air. We had scheduled for May Twenty Third Conference in Houston on the tax on freedom of speech. Ironically is even more important. We don't know if they'll let us hold the conference where still crossing our fingers. We have quite a few people signed up. Sold about half the seats. We have available obviously the cells a slowed now because people just aren't sure what's going to happen. Obviously if we can't have a will refund ticket prices we'll give you the refunds back. We hope we can. Because we think it's an important topic so we're crossing our fingers if you WANNA learn more about it you can go to Ron Paul Institute dot Org and there's a little on the right side on the top a little headline about it but we just wanted to keep you posted. We're still hoping to have it. It's still going to be a great event. May Have to delay it. But let's hope not. We'll keep you posted very good and I want to thank our viewers as usual for tuning in and for the sport that you provide for us which you know. We have to report on these issues. Which aren't really on the top priority for the mainstream media because they are significant and of course The things are put under control. Because they want you to hear the issues that they're dealing with the virus and how to why we have to close it down. Why we have to sanction ourselves why we have to spend the money why we have to go into bankruptcy and why it's ridiculous in so dangerous to let people go to work and how bad it is for people to make their own decisions about what risks are all about You can have a understanding risk and all of a sudden you can change your attitude about all this. You don't deny all the dangers. You just let people decide their own in their own mind. What is more dangerous To do and make the decision but It it is It is a problem that we're facing and this is why we're talking about something that could be very very dangerous and Yet it may be once again another bluff you know troops move in and then they moved back but this sounds more serious than that. It doesn't sound like a bluff and I hope I hope that I'm wrong on that. And they don't go in and foolishly side. We're going in there. And take him out and bring them to the United States and Trimbe and throw them in a prison and virtually destroy life. Like did with Noriega. But the whole thing about the Noriega. You can't sympathize with him. He was in business with the CIA. You know all the time doing the drug deal. And of course Saddam Hussein was in business with us too. So that is why you have to. You have to be careful because it's not easy to criticise wants own government. But I took the advice. One time that And I believe this. It's a little risky. And that is that You know to be patriotic You ought to be willing to your best efforts to criticize one's own government and that is a lot of risk and there's people that do that and sometimes when you have people stand up in the Congress in me and even challenged some of the stupidities on spending and say. Oh well we ought to. We ought to have a vote on that. And that's something that Thomas Massie has done and it makes the point that pure peer pressure is so bad that many people go along with it but eventually the moral and financial bankruptcy at this country will demand change. The only thing is is. I hope I'm right in believing that there's enough Americans who would like to see the change move in the direction and the acceptance of liberty and personal responsibility those are worthy goals because they're so practically beneficial in are so morally correct as far as I'm concerned but I do want to thank you once again for joining us today to deliberately report. Please come back soon..

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