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Dollar. I believe mrs cronin is expecting me. Miss this crowding. And yes. I am expecting you. Won't you come in. I did have butlers maids and such a years scads album since barnaby passed away. I've just hibernated. You might say hume's dollar ten years now this same little apartment as you can see. I've just been living likely. Mouse looks very comfortable. I suppose it's comfortable enough. Who said it had forgotten. You were still here. But not for long mrs crony. Oh no please stay. We'll have some tears sharyo something as soon as oh you to do you know each other. No i'm afraid we don't oh but of course not. Yeah this is mr darla. Miss blais demonstrate. Mr alice to talk to me about when something rather. I'm not quite sure what is a matter of fact. It won't take a few minutes. If ms blake would excuse go ahead have at it. Well if you'd come this way. Mr don't you leave now. It'll be a chance. I just bought at bottle of tea. I'll have one or two with soda if you don't mind what's soon as what you mean. You young people. Mr mr dollar you chance johnny. That's right why must blake. Just wonder well is looking at you and brother. I wouldn't be in your shoes for a million dollars. How about half that. I'll admit might interesting. Mrs cronin q. Wonderful go bon comedian. She's a scream. What is she an actress. No no she writes things for magazines things like that. Saddam mr dalla. She came to interview me one time. That's how i met ozzy. She wrote a piece about my nicholas. The second fire soviet blake. Oh sure articles about. Jim's famous stones julia roberts. She's fascinated by the subject. She's coming to my party. Why don't you come to my party. Mister dollar fine. I'd love to in fact. That's why i'm here. Joe parker over shirty mutual kind of worried about this party mrs cronin. He's afraid you'll might invite people like me. What i mean people. You don't know you're a detective in a way joseph. How about that. He's not going to send any detectives around snooping into things spying on my guest wearing the hat in the how old not like that. Of course but it's the principle of the thing or wouldn't you have a better time at your party if you knew you were safe mr. It was at a party that barnaby gave me this fire our wedding reception there were over. Two thousand guests at thousand of them invited and with danced. Oh a dance all night and the necklace disputable and i was beautiful back then drove and then afterward. Four o'clock in the morning we drove through the puck and handsome. Just the two of us and the driver of course and i avoid. This and i was safe mr data. I was basically safe. Maybe we're just lucky that night and it'd be was so wonderful and he could make living so wonderful. I don't doubt that he was probably a man who vanished things. Pretty skillfully was running to railroads in the bank all the same time then. I imagine he had no trouble arranging for your safety without even letting you know about it. I mean god it's possible it is. He was like that never wanted anything to worry me. All right we stood out you win. But it's only because of one reason. I like you and i want my party. Oh your going to love every minute of it. It's up in the adirondacks someplace. Joseph told you. I suppose to mrs grown and the people i have invited hundreds literally people i knew no days course a lot of the mon calm but not strange. So many letters came back undelivered. This is cronin. Oh say it'll be. I didn't hear you me. I'm the sneaky type. You've got a visitor. Says he's an old friend really well. I suppose i'd better see you. You'll excuse me mr dollar short you talk to each other. I brung the bottle in case you're interested short on the soda right. She's on a cloud by herself. Of course some of the invites to the party were undelivered. Those beautiful people had a habit of dying young. Say when visiting with you looks like an overgrown leprechaun said his name was shorty weber. Shortly weber all time song and dance man among other things he probably worked in a show of them back in those dear dead days anyway. He's got an invite clutched in sweaty. Little palm another free loader. I suppose we all i am is ju- though you're working your way. Isn't that what you're doing one way or another meaning magazine article. Just in case written right on the spot attempted theft of the circle of fire. Clever jewel say attempted. I'm working my way remember. I remember that it won't be attempted. Johnny somebody's gonna get that necklace before the weekend is over. I'll bet on it. You get a name any names name off the guest list any name. suppose i pick sylvia bleach. He'll the detective dug up and ridden up every big time. Jewels over the last fifty years you're bugged on the subject. Obsessed with beautiful gems fits my personality rather beautiful to in a brittle and glittering sort of way. Don't you think so johnny. I think you work pretty hard at that tough act. Maybe and i think you'd give your right arm to own that necklace. Going to that.

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