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Bloomberg quick takes Tim steno V from Bloomberg radio Sharing a laughlin was the romantic partner that gave fashion Zion maurizio Gucci the strength to leave his wife Tim it was a decision that would get him killed back in 1995 It's a story that still resonates in the fashion world And in Hollywood says audiences await the release of the saga retold in the Ridley Scott film House of Gucci it's due out in theaters this coming week more than two decades after the book it's based on was published Bloomberg Sarah Ford and penned the house of Gucci a sensational story of murder madness glamour and greed Her new piece of this week's pursuit section shares McLaughlin's side of the story for the first time Sarah's team leader for corporate influence in Washington and was also named to lead our new tech policy squad earlier this year She joins us along with Bloomberg pursuits editor Chris rouser Sarah it's really great to have you with us just take us back and tell us how so many years ago you became so immersed in the story to begin with Hi Well thanks for having me I mean this was an incredible story that just really drew me in because there was so many twists and turns and this family fashion dynasty over three generations It was a kind of story that if you made it up people wouldn't believe you It was so so outrageous and so many surprising twists and turns Exactly There were some a twists and turns and it is something that you feel like okay this would be a streaming service but no it was reality You know as you were putting it together because it played out in real time right There was so much coverage What is it that you wanted to dig into Well I was really drawn to the story by the figure of Modesto Gucci And I was covering him as a beat reporter amil and his vision to pilot his family company from sort of an over license sort of cheap and brand to a top tier luxury brand He wanted to make Gucci like Italy's Hermes So he wanted it to be sophisticated He wanted excellent craftsmanship He brought in American creative director and designer and his vision was to take it way up market only as he started putting it into place He had cut off the cash cows he had not really given consumers a chance to figure out that there was a new Gucci and the company was just heading towards bankruptcy And as while this was going on Sarah this is Chris There was this whole personal side of the saga where he was going through a divorce from his wife Patricia regini who was played by Lady Gaga in the film and where he was at least for part of the time in a romantic relationship with sherry which is what our stories about Exactly So I realized that I was it's one thing to write a business story for newspaper but I realized that there was there was a narrative here that had the qualities of a novel and it was by blending the family saga with the business story that I felt that this story really really came to life And I interviewed more than a hundred people for the book I talked to family members I talked to current and former employees of Gucci But the one person who slipped away was not easy to go to his girlfriend at the time Well for 7 years her name was sherry McLaughlin She was an American former model who worked in the fashion industry but they actually met sailing in Sardinia as the Italian team was preparing for the 1987 America's cup So sheri didn't want to talk to me at the time that I was right in the book She didn't know what kind of book I was going to write And she ducked my phone calls and didn't answer my emails Well she came out of the woodwork a few months ago and the stills from the movie set started breaking the Internet And I realized as we chatted that she was ready to tell her story All right so you go up to Chris and you go Chris I've got this story Tell me how this came together Well it's actually really exciting to see it out in pursuit today because I was very uncertain whether Bloomberg would be interested in the story because it seemed like such a non Bloomberg story right It was really about the personal side and yet sherry had been at loaded to aside when he was going through some of the toughest fights of his life both with his financial partner investor and with his family He was battling for his uncle's sense of the financial police after him Was an accusation that he hadn't signed his father hadn't signed the shares Giving him the 50% control and sent him escaping and a motorcycle across the border into Switzerland where there was no extradition So he was really really grappling with a lot at the time And she was the person who was out of sight trying to help them the whole time All right question for you Chris Were you like yeah of course I'm interested Well I think maybe Sarah thought it felt a little gossipy for business week and I love Gotham Especially because this gossip really actually informed major news events and also obviously this crime And it was a perspective that Sarah was really excited about hearing and getting out there And sherry's not in the movie her she's not portrayed in the movie because no one knew her story And so this is really like a missing piece of the saga And it also includes all these great details like Sarah mentioned the publicity stills that broke the Internet You might remember the first stills that came out were of Lady.

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