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Eighties to mid nineties. This report brought to you by staples from the Southern California Toyota Dealers. Traffic Center. We make it easy. Problems on Topanga Canyon and Malibu. Every of reports to think a canyon road is off limits between Pacific Coast highway and old Topanga Canyon Road until midnight tonight. So stay clear van and then also in Malibu, still some big delays or served up along Pacific Coast Highway as a result of earlier thie. Earlier, police pursue a standoff. In the last florist area, North bound coast highway stacking up from last florist Canyon is you make your way ahead towards just about Just past Carbon Canyon Road and south them sewing is backing up away from mallet. Almost Malibu Canyon Road We've got Mike O'Brien KF eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com east outside of the tent right at the five split there Right at the East L. A interchange. They just cleared. The two left. Lanes of this accident, however, is at its very tough, tough drive, basically, for Santa Monica, backing up before the 405 up ahead, more slight city terrorists to Rosemead Boulevard and once again from the 605 making a way through Sipress. 60 eastbound approaching Paramount that is still emergency Guard rail repair from a wreck from 8 30 this morning, Right lane Buck. It is slam from the 7 10 injured in the accident. Isn't superwoman super lawyer dot com By Go Brian K. F Eye in the sky sponsored by MGM Resorts, KF Eye in the Sky Helps get You there Faster. I'm Angel Martinez Welcome Backto Aria Las Vegas today night, so ordering Wagyu from John George and an old fashioned from Carbone. Welcome backto. How.

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