Donald Trump, Putin, James Komi discussed on Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill


Kind of nationalist emphasis that's really oriented towards a more exclusive notion of citizenship. So punishing and and eliminating people who are seen as foreign threats within the body politic. And there is no coherent. I think foreign policy anymore that the United States actually is pursuing an and you then also have this very thorough -tarian wing. Of the Democratic Party. That's, you know, fully embracing the CIA the NSA the FBI James Komi tweeting over the weekend, and I'm quoting Democrats, please, please don't lose your minds and rushed to the socialist left this president and his Republican party are counting on you to do exactly that America's great middle want sensible balanced, ethical leadership. Yeah, it's it's hilarious to get strategic advice from someone like James Comey who clearly, you know, has has shown himself to be a man of probity and wisdom in his own his own management of the security apparatus. It's really bizarre this sort of way in which in American politics. These second ax, you know, people think they can always have a second act and they think they can always fail upwards. And it does seem to be born out. I mean, I mean, look at the people out here who are taking a serious commentators. These sort of centrist either never Trump Republicans or national security Democrats. I mean, people like William Kristol and max boot, and James Komi either an MSNBC or on the Washington Post or being re tweeted by tens of thousands of people. I mean, these are the people who, in many respects produce the kind of disasters in American politics over the last twenty years. I mean, they, they advocated for the Iraq invasion. They supported the mass surveillance of the American population. They also wanted to Ron to be obliterated. I mean, you would think that the never Trumpers quote unquote, like crystal would be celebrating Trump's screaming, caps, tweet, implying nuclear annihilation is on the horizon if Iran so much as says, another thing that he doesn't like, well, honestly, this is the thing that is really scary for many of us or for for me. You know, I think that when Trump is finally out of the picture, what. L- the realignment look like. I think we do so much revolving around what Trump does, what Trump does, what Trump does and what Trump says. And and I think we all are deranged by that. And of course Trump is self-contradictory and he's, he's shooting from the hip and he's he's not well informed. He operates on impulse and a few basic principles. You know, the basic principle of kind of survival of the fittest and that the nation state is like a corporation involved in kind of struggle with various other kinds of competitors. Every relationship is transactional. Every agreement is temporary and provisional felt watching the press conference with Putin that a lot of what was going on there. It was just that Trump's kind of crushing on Putin. You know, he's sort of one of those moments when he's a bit like I, I wish I could be more like this guy. You know, I wish I wish I could execute journalists. I wish I could be sort of commanding this kind of apparatus and have this sort of Jack. Booted persona. But the truth is he can't, and he's flailing about he's being propped up by the GOP and Fox News..

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