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The more more into the top of the key inside the arc driving against eriksson floated up its two keelan martin so smooth tied at eighty nine ah forty five seconds left dalton man was trip they've mix it up quite a bit here throughout the second half in both over times you gotta think they're going to try to go to go ban on the blocker barracks in that space as well turkey wants to hear the out of why he was driving in for the right side and just bobbled it twenty eight point eight left chided eighty nine shock clock turned off and the dawn's will have it out on the floor for butler baldwin mick jonathan martin fowler insured and sin as he doses trying to discuss a figure out what they want to do two timeouts for georgetown one for the bulldogs here we go circuit over tied at eighty nine ah baldwin with the ball wall with against war passing over the martin 13 to go now is jorgensen back yet dr martin eight seconds left martin of top power sets this green tea let up no jalen bacteria would do quite six left ninety one eighty nine butler oh my this is reminiscent of ohio state nick keelan came up with a big shot in that game now with a second overtime period kieland martin with the midas touch again unbelievable they've had a look each teams had an answer every time right every pig trip the as you know the hoyas have found a way to get to the line or or come up with the basque lawmakers shot either kamar baldwin kieland march sean mcdermott has come up with egg a glazed whenever there suad is needed it and now can you get up knu holed up for two point six seconds here and walk out of dc with yet another dramatic victory it big east for butler flow last evening for the last three we bataga air mass mess another bill forty nine minutes for kamar baldwin portier paul jorgensen forty one for victims of it forty one for barton 34 for wide mit your 43 minutes for dared sit on the other side as well as go van so those two bigs man they have expended a lot of energy and again this times nick we've mentioned this before last two times in dc between these two clubs polera georgetown the bulldogs and the.

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