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These things these compounds become you know very evolved for one purpose and then they become adapted. This other species start to interact with these mushrooms. We started you know we started eating them and they did all these interesting things. So then we formed a symbiosis. You know and the mushroom is in a little bit like that upgrades the tree in a forest thing. You're like you're like if if cannabinoid 's and trip to fans in any of these compounds existed without ever finding neoclassical vertebrates. Would anybody has ever known what mysteries and potential they contained. Yeah yeah but they exactly you don't know and you can only speculate. What what we can say about suicide. But you know information that's come to light in the last five or ten years. Is that for one thing it it undergoes horizontal gene transfer between different groups of fungi. Which is very interesting. Because it's it's not that happens but it was thought to be mostly and bacteria that you get horizontal gene transfer so this is not inheritance. This is actually direct organism to organism exchange of genes and it seems that this silla cyb Synthetic complex call up the silla. Cyber cynthia taste genes has been chair over. Many filo of fungi. Over the last seventy five million years some of them are not that closely related to suicide assignment mushrooms. You probably heard of this cicada. That is Parasad's by fungus called masol spoarer That invades the body of the cicada fills the abdomen of the cicadas with by celia on spores so that when it and it makes so that when it emerges that the fungus contained suicide simon and also cathinone which is a stimulant. It's the same. Yeah as in caught caught is stimulant that people choose and cathinone salaam phetamine like to river. The say similar. I mean is there any indigenous tradition popping. Qatar's does young down at someone has. But i so discussing i don't wanna hear about. That's just wait into other things in there. But the thing is the effects of these infected cicadas. When they emerge they become hyper sexual and they they will try to mate with anything and in the process of doing that. They're waving their butts around and their butts are made of spores are just the massive so really clever strategy of the part of the basle spoarer to propagate itself and maybe that is we got us running spore dispersal mechanisms for the mushroom. You know But but the fact that this existed this and other other studies with mushrooms fruit flies. Show that apt either. The suicide may be a lure to the fruit fry attractive to the mushroom eats and disperse spores other. People have suggested that what they actually do as they drive in such crazy so they forgot where they came from and they you know they and no one really knows but i think it makes sense that the suicide simon probably showed up initially to modify the insect mushroom relationship and then only late returns out. We all this This peculiar cortisol architecture and neuro chemistry. And all that and these things just the civil simon just happen to fit into the set of receptors. That you might call the the you know the transcendent receptors. The the miss cole receptors crazy. It's crazy really..

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