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I really liked that. That was a really good suggestion. Josh in that way but my mouth is really dry. So that means that it's time for us to take our next commercial break. So hang around guys that we will be right back Ooh out doc Don to ask the perfect. I read every love it Welcome back welcome back. That first commercial was for ex p my other show Our lovely video game. Podcast me and pun talk about. You know that that week's topic the game and just go away video games. Yeah video games And then our other geeky nerdy podcast geek. Gotland fast as our and podcasting That is saturdays at ten. I didn't say the time of. I said tomorrow's double. Xp that's at eight eastern geek. It is at ten eastern on saturday. Listen we're gonna have a a thing. He put up here eventually. So you guys can see these times so whatever. We're just like Saying you guys can look at it. It'd be like okay. They're just wrong Up on this earth ponzi and You know hey. We love her punts around these parts. I don't but i have to speak collective. See i don't i don't hate them. She makes me laugh sometimes. Sometimes you know we actually have not talked about army a dead. Have you watched it. I have not. I came out. What twenty first right. Yeah we talked about it a little bit last week. i won't watch it so Because i hate dave teesta. So i.

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