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By. That was a pretty grueling affect for for that horse and he came to the conclusion that if he ran it back in the Fountain of youth that had another kind of gut wrenching race that It might not do well. You know for the Big Big One here the the Florida Derby so he decided to back off on him a little bit give him time you just point them for the Fountain of Youth Next instead instead of trying to get all these races in four four races a year would just be too much much. Man's holy bull found you so so I think he did the right thing He's easing back in On his workouts now and He should have a prime for big race from the Fountain of Youth. And of course that is it's going to be waiting for them. They're not sure As far as Kelly Green with what he's doing I think it's either going to be the fountain of the Doctor Hints as well. Mike we should fold in the two three year olds from last Saturday. That won a maiden breaker and and actually both a maiden breaker I should say and won a first time starter and Jimmy Jerkins for chiefs would and edge afire who won one stylishly In a race came back slow and then Palm Springs. Who Wins at one to two over a first or Mr Candy Reid Who is going to be a very short price for Kenny mcpeek? When he runs back yeah go? Nine dollars is really super impressive. They want races aces on easily. Looked like he was loaded. The whole wave with again like you said that race came back slow..

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