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You know a again from those two or three people that listen to this a probably two of them happen to be men so imagine that you have a a younger remain T- Happens to be male and you want to give them some advice again and they ask you know Rian what can I do to make the women in my team feel more heard included more respect that so they feel that they're an integral part of my team? What can I do every day every week? You know what the what do you think I should. Yeah I would say again. Obviously we're talking about kind of listening like you said. GotTa stretch out empathy muscle again. Be Self aware I doing that. Inner work is is a huge one But then again kind of that back to the seek to understand part. The very practical part is very Simply just don't try to be a knight in shining armor right so again if you see that Maybe have a conversation one on one with the woman to better understand Oregon. Lgbtq or person of color whatever it is as you feel like this person again is either marginalized or being you know. Walked over whatever it is. I'm just saying like Hey I noticed this You know and let me know if I'm making this up. But it was something that burroughs brought to my attention. I feel like you know X Y and Z. Or you know someone had mentioned something in. I felt uncomfortable for you. Is that something that you WanNa talk about or does this happen often again? Just acknowledging someone in Sharing your own experiences of what your thinking or saying is sometimes especially as me. Personally I would say man. Am I making this up lake? You know people are telling me I'm to direct people are telling me I'm too aggressive or I'm bossy and it wasn't until like another coworker of mine was okay. I noticed like so. And so you know your boss seems a little impatient with you like. Are you getting vibe to or is it just you know? Is it just me? I'm like I'm really glad he said something as I got. I was going crazy like I wasn't trying to make up a story on for me. Personally I never want to be a victim of that but know if someone else notices it. It helps me saying okay. No there is something here right so even just bring that to the forefront. So that's something again one of just sharing from them not saying like. Hey you're you're over talking her right because then you take that power from her or again that person to stand up for themselves Another one is obviously man's planning And I know it's different ways about it again like you're talking about early. I know there's good intention there but a lot of times I would say something and even my fiance again like we're both serving and ship roles both volunteers before I was working fulltime. And I have you know this really great idea or feedback from other people and I would mention it and kind of like would fall on deaf ears and so then he would bring it back around two minutes later to be like oriented really great point. He wouldn't say brand really very point he would say rick reiterate what I said and everyone was like this is just so great and afterward like it became very frustrating to me because what they did you realize all you did was reiterate what. I said he was a cab but like you know no one picked up on it and I thought it was really great idea and like Abbie. You didn't give me credit either. You know what I mean. So it's that type of thing of even though you may be trying to do something again well or make sure that that ideas heard is really Kind of narrowing down on making sure you give credit to wear. It's do And if someone is trying to talk and she gets talked over or you see someone that maybe even more introverted. It can be again. You know man on man and someone just not as aggressive as someone else in saying no I thought so and so had something to say like in. We hear him out Again making kind of space for everyone to talk at the table Another thing that I've actually been trained on to be a facilitator is you do. Have these powerful voices that they always have opinions or they're always willing to speak up. There's always usually someone that's were quieter. They take more time to think out. What THEY WANNA say? Or they're good and so when you kind of notice around the room. Hey David you haven't said anything today. Is there anything you'd like to say or bring to the table In kind of one. I want to be careful that you know. You don't put people on the spot that they're like all you know. Embarrassed or nervous But kind of making sure that you're being very inclusive making force that effort And then well that kind of third practical. Just make sure that you educate yourself right if if you're aware that again there's not many women in your fielder in a male dominated field or you notice that there's not You know any type of resources or education or these type of training. You're mentioning you know. There's articles all over the place like just do a couple of research you know. My thing is at least do some type of learning registration one hour a day. And it's been mind boggling just to listen to a podcast or You know just just look up articles right. Even Google just sends me all kinds of random stuff like saying we noticed you like learning about this time of being And those type of things and just really being cognizant Putting forth effort makes a huge difference. Because then you're kind of expanding your self awareness your life experience outside of just what you know and considering other options. That's all great and the I would actually challenge people to either are considering having tea or a mentor. A actually trying to seek out a one that happens to be the opposite gender from them or somebody bad a happens to be. I think I'm when you when you recommend for you want somebody they have you know some skin in the game or somebody that has the job. Do WanNa happy ten years Somebody that went through some similar struggles do it But I would actually encourage people to. Hey why not try to actually look for a mentor? That happens to be a woman offers. Leeann where T was. I find that when you WANNA practices conversations and you wouldn't you want to actually Seek out though. The limits of your assumptions. It's helpful you know dog. Somebody real right that it's not somebody that they from an article from a podcast of Youtube video. There's a an electoral petition. The show as well as I showed it article so much Man's planning article. It's actually no chart join Nuha. I'm sure you've seen it strong you how to if it's manslaughter or not. And he basically it comes down to this. She Accu to explain it. Is She dead? Man's land you're you're you're saying so Yeah I mean that's A. That's a huge staying over the phone east tough particularly tough and You know if you've gotten this far in the podcast in a week part of her job it's to Khomeini's over the phone on some things. We can't league with people in their end of the line. So it's tough you know so leveraging things like I am or things like that and actually ask people a brand. Is there anything else you want to mention or is there something else that we want to share something on this topic? You know so like sticking out there. Quieter People Benza. That stuff wow but yeah I will be super frustrated too. We've somebody to credit for one of my idea probably know that was like the mentor And I would even challenge to the next point of Sangley. Yes get someone different even more so like have a variety right so you know I personally advise my own. Mentese to have like a personal board of Advisors. I'm your personal board of directors in so different types of mentors for different fields for different things you know I have a personal life mentor and then a professional life mentor and then Entrepreneurial Life Mentor. It's all like there's so many different I I wanna say as a human a and we're so round right like we're a big round character. There's so many pieces in facets to us to just think like. Oh you're gonNA have all the answers to everything I need in life. That's kind of silly so I could give great advice on again being a woman.

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