Ryan Carom, Larry Hogan, Donald Trump discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show


People are saying people elected officials mostly say one thing when the truth is the exact opposite and I call it opposite world. You never knew it. Sideways is straight ahead. No LONGER MATTER. Reality is now fiction. There's the signpost you're next on the world we live it every day and you listen to this moron open his mouth and every time he does. It's just spew bullshit. The man is a consummate liar. The only thing he's really good at lying and bamboozling at least thirty percent of the American people who actually will support this maniac. It's absolutely incredible. And then you know he'll say. Things like injects disinfectant or stick an ultraviolet light up your ass to cleanse your body and then when states report. Hundreds of calls coming into their helplines about ingesting disinfectant. He says the I don't have anything to do with that. Ryan Carom who was one of my favorite members of the White House. Press Corps was at the briefing yesterday. Was it yesterday two days ago whenever it was two days ago. And he asked him about this and Donald Trump's reactions will exactly what you would expect people using disinfectant. These talking about please in the back now and that other states governor Larry Hogan specifically said they seen a spike in people using disinfectant. After your.

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