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Was in the hospital West. People who had the covid. And I was glad he only kept before days and let me out because right guys to Rita. Wonderful job. Thank you. Have you thank you, Rita. Uh, we really appreciate it and, uh and glad it's all working out for you. But there it is. You know, it's OK. It's it's good for her. The previous caller Jamie Good for her parents. Fantastic. That's great if it's working for you fantastic As a matter of fact, all of these things this is so easy to say, but all of these things that are out there now that could possibly be nefarious with this could be I hope are all completely wrong and everybody that's peddling that is proven wrong. That would just be fantastic because the outcome would obviously mean that it's fantastic that everybody is wrong about that. So that's what we're about. More of your calls straight ahead. Traffic and weather together from temps are heating and cooling products. Here's Johnny Hill. How much happening through downtown at the moment would be careful of 33. If you're trying to get down to growth Ports or Fairfield County, we still have a left lane blocked at Hamilton Road off an earlier accident. Don't need at least one record to get one of those vehicles out of the way, and 42 remains closed west of 23 near Delaware. This from a downed utility Poland, Lines there and think about 36 over to South section line is a detour Traffic sponsored by Mattress firm Get a King Bed for Queen Price at Mattress firm Save up to $500 during the best Liberty sale ever on top rated brands like Million Sleepy's Plus, get a free adjustable base when you spend 6 99, or more traffic and weather together, powered by temp star and custom air By Johnny Hill. The news radio 6 10 w T v N Your A B C six first warning Whether chief meteorologist Marshall McPeak says warm and muggy, 72 overnight hot, humid and then scattered pop.

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