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Pigs or something by the minute king manson uh as though the were home invaders that killed uh the three people rather than himself uh anyway he was then uh and second trial and and he was convicted at that point of course joe mcginness had to write a different book whoops he's antisocial and and uh and narcissistic and all and then uh when the when mcdonald was actually in jail he then sued mcguinness hey where you said we were going to split royalty money because if you murder uh someone you don't collect royalties from a book so uh but nevertheless the california there was they made it trial out of it anyway rather than throwing it out in the basket and i came to the defence of joe mcginness and i wanted to educate the jury as to wear this crime was situated so to speak in the spectrum of terrible crimes obviously there's a lot worse than uh climb the passions like gene harris who um kill the ski guards they'll diet dr when she found that he was cheating on her with another woman but it was not quite as awful as ian brady and myra hindley when they would capture little children in the more assists deserted areas of england and strangled him and as record the screams on a uh a taperecorder and use the screams this kind of a sexual turn on later in the evening and i'll i'll i i wanted to have to come back here because this break doesn't move but i want to continue this particular thought of just exactly uh what you discovered in one very stark and telling example of uh of evil behaviour back in a moment geico presents unhelpful.

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