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And I always say that if you if a player wants to stay and the team wants to keep the player, I want them to be able to sign the same deal on June thirtieth s they could sign. Fine in July after the mature or tournaments that weeks difference should make that much of a difference. I think that if if they want to make this a better rule than maybe, you know, their their point of the everything changes typically after the team season as well make it so that after the team season ends, they consign whatever deal. They would have signed as a free agent. Anyways. It also brings some more Saturday to the free agent market, right? Because you're looking at well, it's he gonna stays. He gotta leave. Everybody's waiting on some player to make a decision if they're going to do it, and you Glock the player up before regency hits take some of the excitement out. But I think that teams would appreciate it. Yeah. Taking the excitement out for me. I prefer that more players become free agents, and there'd be fewer extensions for a couple of number one. Just because it makes free agency more interesting number two, it'll lead to fewer bad contracts because you're paying the player at the time that you know. You don't have intervening time between when the extension decided when it kicks in where there's performance or injury risk or something like that. I prefer that. Generally, the players who are good get paid in the ones who aren't as good don't get paid. But who what players have benefited from this rule have benefited from the exemption like like, the newly relaxed exceptional. Yes. Name a player who signed on who extended to three year deal or who extended on the second anniversary of a four year deal yet while I mean, I think Kevin love sign for longer than he could he signed a four year extension. I think he'll end up getting more than that extension than he necessarily would have gotten as a free agent his offseason. So so that's one, but that's probably the only one so far and ill, Lou Williams, Spencer Dinwiddie, Josh Richardson, Malcolm brogden, you know, those guys especially for those guys who are coming off of like minimum three year contracts as second round picks or undress. For them to be able to extending. That's good for them to be able to get some guaranteed money quickly. You know, but the teams have probably benefited on those deals more than the players. But that's kind of how it's supposed to work. Right. If it goes, according to plan, norm Powell, maybe as benefited from getting the early so deal. The thing you mentioned was it's only you can only started a hundred twenty percents of prior salary. So that's prevented guys like Jimmy Butler Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving from extending. I don't think that'll be as much of an issue going forward. Because generally, those types of players will have been making enough, you know, those are old CBA contracts before the cap, spike. So now generally one hundred twenty percent of what you're making the last year of your rookie extension will be enough for most guys. So I'm kind of torn I like to see more free agency. And in part of the reason the extension rules were tightened up was because teams were just killing themselves teams aren't as dumb as they used to be where they're giving like Stephen Jackson, you know, a three years thirty billion dollar extension like two years before he could become a free agent that sort of thing. So I think overall. Paul. It's good just to give teams and players more optionality inlet guys get protected, but there is a downside. I'd say maybe it's like overall whether it's good or not say, maybe like a seven that's what I had to. It's definitely a net positive for both sides. I then the only reason I wouldn't rated hires because I think they should have done better. They should have been more. So here's one which was not touchingly part of the twenty seventeen CBA, but it was kicked in twenty eleven and that's the increased luxury and repeater taxes. And the reason I'm bringing it up now is because we didn't really see the effects of it much just due to the fact that it was phased in slowly..

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