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Fans at sandy west. And I'm here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history. Let's start back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven where the Harlem Globetrotters, play their first basketball game in Illinois this week in nineteen sixty one was the first NFL playoff. Oh, which was basically the runner up bowl for third place. The Detroit Lions beat the Cleveland Browns seventeen to sixteen this week in one thousand nine hundred sixty to twenty one year old golfer. Jack Nicklaus makes his first pro appearance became in fiftieth this week in nineteen seventy-two the Los Angeles Lakers chalk up a record thirty third consecutive win. But then would go onto lose their next game to the Milwaukee Bucks. Speaking of streets this week in one thousand nine hundred eighty the Minnesota North stars and the Philadelphia Flyers NHL record thirty five game unbeaten streak this week. In one thousand nine hundred eighty six for the first time in twenty five years. No one is elected to the baseball hall of fame this week in two thousand. Phil Jackson wins his nine hundred game as head coach becoming the fastest coach to reach nine hundred career wins and this week in two thousand twelve game nicknamed the three sixteen game the underdog Denver Broncos defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers twenty nine to twenty three with Tim tebow. Connecting with Maria's Thomas on an eighty yard touchdown pass on the first play from scrimmage in overtime. That's your iheartradio weekend. Sports time capsule. I'm Jason Flom founding board member of the innocence project, and my new podcast is wrongful conviction available on iheartradio on wrongful conviction. I interview at different exonerate every week and help them to tell their incredible stories of tragedy and triumph against impossible. Odds you've got to hear it to believe it wrongful conviction from iheart studios available now and iheartradio. Okay. Just one more thing to do before we get to the call. And it is this finally the graphics department has given me.

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