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Right now this is not right Tony Jones on here Lonnie Swain has the morning traffic Lonnie thank you for your show thank you for your self and what we got for final check traffic right now this report sponsored by mercury insurance south el Monte a crash blocking the right lane this is on the sixty eastbound just before Rosemead Boulevard traffic is stopped from paramount Boulevard in Irwindale crash one of the right shoulder embankment of the six oh five south bound at Ramona Boulevard and we're on the brake lights from lower as if the road and in Sherman oaks a spin out crash facing the wrong way in the center divider on the four oh five south bound this is at valley Vista did you know California drivers save an average of seven hundred and sixty nine dollars with mercury insurance that could buy coffee for a year don't miss your chance to save get a free quote today at mercury insurance dot com it's easy the hard part will be deciding what to do with the money you save some money slain that your traffic on one of four three my FM for kids by the heart of the label at your local sprouts Google assistant to play one oh four three by at that point I heard radio you know we drive to the owners here in the show I am a Prius prime Chevy is in a Highlander Joe's a raft for and you may be the market for a vehicle right now so get at your local city California to dealers and I will tell you this it's not it's not a sales pitch I can ride solo in the carpool lane totally true on my own nice only me well your vehicle I think you're saying you're the only person know anybody gets on earth as the stickers can do the same thing which is so amazing just you in the car nobody else in.

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