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She's wonderful now will show in Rome Alison Roman is a regular food columnist at The New York Times and of the author of cookbooks nothing fancy and dining in and she has a bi weekly column in The New York Times where she shares recipes she's pretty well thought of and and and well known as a a shaft well she decided she was gonna go after Chrissy Teigan for some reason and and in remarks published on may eighth she described Keegan's Chrissy Teigen's climb to the top of the food empire it's crazy she had a successful cookbook and then it was like boom line at target boom now she has an Instagram page has over million followers and it's just like people running a content form for her it horrifies me and it's not something I would ever want to do I don't want to do anything like Cecil I would never want to be successful that sounds horrible Chrissy Teigen responding Jeez Chrissy Teigen responded to Alison Roman's remarks by saying that she she was hurt that the recipe columnist whom she admires she said I I admire Alison Roman but why would she could do this why should consider me a sellout diminish my achievements of course it's been a successful model she's a TV personality she's married to John legend but she expressed heard at Romans comments in a series of tweets I bought Alison Roman's cookbooks I supported her on social media I praised her in interviews I even signed on to executive produce the very show she talks about doing in this article I loved everything about Allison I was jealous that she got to have a book with food on the cover instead of a face Surjeet Singh Christie he gonna say because I'm Chrissy Teagan they felt that they had to put my face on that my cookbook I have I have stairs gentry said Alison Roman has a cookbook I'm jealous that she didn't have doesn't have her face on it because it's about food well Alison Roman and I and I think this is a little much she's been suspended by the New York times that is a bit much she's been well fire insurance you're you're missing part of it and why she was why is that she also went off on Marie Kondo roll about you know that Marie Kondo is now selling I don't know org drawer organizer kits and things and the reason she's been suspended is because and she said that she didn't realize she was doing this but she she talks to successful Asian women how sensual Asian business women you know what how many how many white women start their own businesses and get it over exposed and all the things she was saying but she targeted these two Asian and she said oh my god I didn't realize that and I see how that looks and feels oddly end up getting her job back at some point yeah and she also said I feel really horrible because I was kept attacking them because they had a certain level of success that I wanted to achieve and I haven't achieved it yet and I and I was just feeling jealous yep that's why I did it so it's like a drunk tweet yeah so anyway I'll I like Chrissy's cookbooks several of our favorite recipes are written on Christmas cookbook up stairs a Utah distiller hand delivered a large shipment of disinfectant to the Navajo nation this week in an effort to aid the community which is just being killed by the coronavirus Ogden's own distillery makers of five wives vodka and matter between each in a truck four hundred and eighty five gallons of the five wives hand size sanitizer dander Shiprock New Mexico yesterday in an attempt to help spread the curb the spread of the covert nineteen the Navajo Nation has lost a hundred and forty citizens to the virus a higher death count than thirteen states including Utah it also has the highest infection rate in the country surpassing New York City and New Jersey the hospitals small hospitals in the area like in but I think there's one on Blanding overwhelmed now by the corona virus on the Navajo Nation yeah this here it is here's a story about that the outbreak on the edge this is in Gallup New Mexico which is on the edge of the make the Navajo Nation this is so it's the city of Gallup New Mexico the outbreak has caused a small hospital in Gallup to be just devastated twenty two people infected with corona virus were transferred from detox center to the only acute care Medical Center for the general public within a hundred and ten miles of Gallup they're putting multiple clocks in one room to accommodate people Salt Lake City well attorneys affect our law firm has attacked Salt Lake Tribune story and the reporting about an officer who allegedly mishandled sensitive photos of university of Utah student Lauren McCloskey before she was killed the troops Tribune story by Courtney Tanner claims that officer Miguel terrace one of the officers assigned to the McCloskey case bragged to another officer about having compromising photos of Lauren McCloskey the murder victim it and he said that he's this officer said McElderry showed me one of the photos they were on his phone and she she had given me off of the photos to the campus police she was talking about she's being blackmailed over these photos of the story claims Deris showed the photos to another officer at the briefing in it so there is a law firm that saying no he didn't do that and we want the Salt Lake Tribune to retract their story the attorney's letter says those claims were investigated and dismissed as unfounded he never shared any photos in question and certainly not in the manner described the investigation was also include will close with no finding that officer Deris had shared the photos were stored them in properly there was no finding that he bragged about the photo or made an inappropriate joke officer terrace was not disciplined because he did nothing wrong and so this law firm here in Salt Lake is cool calling on the Salt Lake Tribune to retract the story are the Democrats Democrats are beginning democratic parties begin making getting in investigation into Mike Pompeii L. and the firing of this this inspector general inspector general thank you I kept thinking Attorney General of this inspector general and you know so the inspector general is looking into various aspects of things that Mike Pompeo had apparently been doing they say they were looking into he was looking into an arms deal that Pompeii help broker with Saudi Arabia but there were also these matters of you using a a body guard essentially or a staffer for Pompey to to do errands to go to the get the dog groomer go to the doctor and to get his dog Sherman which is a really cute dog by the way Germans are really Mike Pompeo has a really cute dog make sure he doesn't deserve a cute dog and and also they're investigating these parties that weighs on pale and his wife had for big big money people so when the White House is closing down and everybody's going home or showing up for these parties E. in on government property and these are all parties were to raise money for Mike Pompeii on his wife and it's all pretty sleazy and the minute this starts to looks to Stevie Mike Pompeo goes to president trump so you got a fire this inspector general you got a fire and he's doing his job are you gonna get rid of him yeah yeah so you know with the head of NASA's human spaceflight program resigned Tuesday just as astronauts were getting ready for their first launch in a decade Douglas slow vero a social administrator for the human exploration and operations mission directorate had been in the job for only seven months the vero said he was leaving NASA with a very heavy heart he said an unspecified he made an unspecified mistake during his tenure as a and it's not saying what it is but he's he's leaving the program well that's kind of suspicious and just one other quick thing before we go to Burma camp I've got to have these Pringles has announced they have a new chip out it tastes like corn on the cob with butter got it yeah we got it we gotta get him sweet Pringles sweet corn it's a limited edition that says but you can get it at Walgreens so if somebody wants hi maybe I'll go down to the wall greens on four from see if it's summer to it do it weather traffic isolated showers the eighty percent sponte sprinkle chance today and much cooler sixty four for a high tomorrow be bought seventy mostly sunny so just a little spot of rain today they will have another chance again.

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