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Organizing signs. I guess it's been a real problem in Washington state where people. You know, there's a little green highway markers. The mileage Mark Sharon, they're just really innocuous little signs that will, you know, say whatever number. It's the mileage marker the highway in this case it is. Route two thirty one eastern Washington. Actually, that's that's another number pardon me. The four twenty is in Yakima county. And. That there's all sorts of there's a sixty nine signs problem as well. Do I have to explain this to people why four twenty and sixty nine or so popularly stolen? Can you got three hours? Twenty. The other one diagram it for me. See you got this diving board. So they can for people are just they're ripping them off. I mean, it's legend the story of the first sign the I sixty nine mile marker was put into the ground using a steel posting concrete and the and the highway workers, they're just amazed. How quickly somebody used a car to yank the sign off the ground while they hit and stole it and took it there's a mile marker sixty nine Yakima county. They just every time they replace it. Somebody steals it. So what they have done is brilliant. What they have done is is now the sign is moved slightly, and it'll say sixty eight point nine. The four twenty mile marker now says four nineteen point nine. So nobody will want it. And that's the solution. Isn't it really kind of a perfect solution?.

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