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Me a lot cooler. If he did everybody big too. Now come on His Murph in Max. Cool off the shelf off contact. Was like getting the baton from e P m d Man, you gots to chill. Good old school hip hop right there in the cooler content. You hear E p m d every day whether you guys like it or not, That's how we're rolling. We're giving you some parish. We're giving you some meat and also had him so fish too. You get some fishing there. Where does that of Copan come down on on a creative Tony? Favorite band Fish Don't know They're a jam band from from long ago. It's all I think about it, Janet, and Well, you know what it is with us still jamming right? Their jammer right now, somewhere they're jamming. They don't their songs. They're never on the radio. Really. So it's not the kind of band like you would hear their stuff Growing up. It was like 11 minutes song. You know, I got stuff to do. Well, 11 minutes on. That's a short one. Dude, some of the stuff goes Twitter's keeping kids. This band post 22 minutes song do Well, this band out of Vermont has been known to play 20 Minute, James session. All right, come on, by the way. They are at Vermont. Yeah, Yeah, 1000 people in Vermont. That's my one Vermont to fun fact. You know what I'm saying? I think I might have one more. I think everybody in Vermont is the same area code. That's probably true. I can't confirm that. But that's probably true. And I just put it out on 50,000. Watts. Why not me? If we've offended anywhere of Vermont people in their sensibilities were sorry for Monte in Vermont tights? Yeah. Vermont, Tony, and I'm not sure that I don't even know I just made that up. I have no core when we get out of this this rift. Yeah, let's get away from offending Vermont people and look inside the cooler right would say Adam Schefter swinging a bat in the on deck circle. So we gotta get to the cooler, even though he doesn't like baseball, even though he doesn't like baseball is swinging a bat. He was all talked about this. Never to watch the baseball game like you last night. Want you basically in 1977. I mean, yeah, Let's go with the football game, then. Okay. Patrick Mahomes. Remember this came out last year two years ago about how he puts ketchup on his steak. Yeah, You know, I know, I remember. Yeah, it offended Marcus, The Waterboy. I think Marcus is things. It's just blasphemous that he does. That's un American. He's no. There's There's a lot of people to feel that way. People who really enjoy steaks and know a lot about steaks. They are like, If you went to a really nice steakhouse and Casper bottle of catching up to date, they probably wouldn't even bring it up. They tell you to leave your best would be like, Get up from the table. You're on your way out. That's one thing I can't do. Everything else is taken care of. But I can't give you the guest yesterday. Wanted some horseradish. That's all I could. Well, I could do it. Patrick Holmes took it one step. Further yesterday. He says there's something coming up this week that he frequently catch up on check this out. Every always talks about you put catch up on everything, bro. Tell me you don't put ketchup on turkey. Yeah, I mean, come on. You gotta get him on that turkey and ham. Hello. You're joking, right? You know, the Thanksgiving turkey you forget you wanted. Oh, yeah. Come on, you know, you better know I'm gonna reject that cope, So I'm gonna go ahead and reject reject the turkey and catch up. That doesn't even I say sounds awful terrible. It sounds awful. I mean, I'm in for, uh, you know, they give you gravy. You got kind of all. I love the gravy gravy gravy on the plate guy Like I do The thing where I'll fill my plate up Mac and cheese mashed potatoes Did. I'm a great head. I'll pour gravy all over. I'm not even kidding you everything. Everything gets on his good we've made And then if there's any left over three What a shock last and I'll just mail that to exactly. I love gravy to me, and I hope by the end of Thanksgiving, I'm bleeding gravy. And then the other thing is, too is the people that like the leftover and I'm one of these guys to like. But generally I'm not a big mayonnaise guy, but I think Turkey and Mayo is like a pretty common combination to write down a sandwich. Exactly exactly. Can't be the main home in a lather this thing when you make your turkey Sandy's later in the night and stuff used to slap the Mayo down, that's exactly a turkey and cheese and mayo and whatever else I'm gonna reject my homes in the whole catch a movie. We broke up, so we got to do Let's stuck out real quick because Schefter is swinging a bat me on deck circle. The Honor Murphy even though he hates baseball, But we're going to give you Shafter. We're gonna give the NFL news and that is coming up. Next Adam called from Polly McMurphy in Mac Show on Can be our 6 80 fie, sports leader. He's He's Murph in Mac, Hear it on the tune you nap through your smartphone. We are knbr 1045 and 6 80, these sports leader. These Thanksgiving weekend. We'll bring you a gridiron feast. No buffet or a banquet. Basically, I ton of college football Touchdown. Alabama touch down Notre Dame. So before our doubleheader on Friday and our three game marathon on Saturday, we're bringing on the base to rival college coach Look down. Look down Cardinal this morning at 93. Cal Bears coach Justin Wilcox joins Paulien copes on this afternoon. That too. 05 Kruger and Willard welcome Stanford's David shop. Finally, we'd like to take a moment to send our thoughts and prayers to our friend and former Giants coach Tim Flannery. We hope for a strong recovery and will continue to.

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