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With this kind of respect within the department of Justice now bars appearance today will be before a Republican led committee chaired by Senator Lindsey Graham who's expected to focus on concerns that the early days of the FBI's Russia probe were tainted by law enforcement bias against President Trump, but Democrats are likely to press bar on statements and actions in the last six weeks. That they say raises concern opposition leader, Juan Guido taking a bold step to revive is movement to seize power in Venezuela taking to the streets Tuesday, calling for a military uprising that drew quick support from the Trump administration and fierce resistance from forces loyal to socialist, nNcholas Maduro, the violent street battles that erupted in parts of Caracas where the most serious challenge yet. Medeiros rule Carlos Vecchio Venezuela's opposition on voi- to the United States. President. Announced the beginning of the Obama's gone LeBron freedom operation, he has called the military institution. To support the Venezuelan people on the streets to restore our democracy in our country on also poor the full implementation of the custom tuition approved by the people in nineteen ninety nine. This is only the beginning. This is an abrasion which is developing right now will see more events in the our Sundays come I want to be very clear international community. This is not a military coop. This is that constitute process led by the Venezuelan people on their leader fussy billion. They interim president Venezuela way though, his calling for the restoration of our on a court for the restoration of democratic system. We went to Santa clear message on to the Cato. He. Your time is over. Thank you must have seen the country. You must allow the Venezuelan people the reestablished the democratic system. The time is now ready for a change. Nobody's going to stop it. We'll recover our democratic system. It is time to set that the seasonal government in order to stop the suffering. The Venezuelans on we want to be ready to call for a free. I'm for election soon. Guidos again, urging people to take to the streets for new mass protests today video statement on Twitter Tuesday night, quite a while swords the military to join with those clamoring for change in Venezuela. Prime minister, Shinzo Ave has congratulated emperor Nero hito and pledged his respect to him on the day, send it to the Japanese throne narrow Heathrow succeeded his father who abdicated Tuesday Ave pledged to create a bright future during a new era that is peaceful and full of hope a number heat though, also received messages from President Trump and China's president Xi Jinping. Now federal judges tossed out former Penn State, president Graham Spaniards child endangerment conviction less than a day before he was set to turn himself into jail. The judge gave state prosecutors three months retry Spaniard agreeing with Spaniards argument that he was improperly charged under a two thousand seven law for something that happened in two thousand one when he was responding to a complaint about Jerry Sandusky showering with a boy on campus Spaniard been due to report to jail early this morning to begin serving a minimum sentence of two months. The seventy year old was forced out as president depend stately after Sandusky twenty eleven arrests President Trump, welcome NASCAR champ Joey Logano and his car to the White House Trump celebrated the twenty thousand NASCAR Cup series champ Tuesday on the south lawn along with team owner Roger Penske with llegado park car park nearby. The president praised the driver and the Ford Team Penske racing across the finish line. The Ford fusion you like the car, I love the better say. You better say that. Right here. The White House south drive, and that is one truly beautiful car that is technologically something Roger I guess very special when little faster than the other ones, but it also had to do with your right foot? I think NASCAR is not only a thrilling display of skill and power. But a celebration of the American spirit so true no matter who wins the race. You never forget. What matters most God family and country. And nobody embodies that more than. Day. Was Jenkins like you? I am confident that NASCAR will continue to excite an inspired millions of devoted fans across our nation. I I'm fan. And I have friends that know every driver every car every number. I say what else you do? That's what they do. They love it. And they have great respect to you ration- via courage and your skill. So to every member of this championship team. Congratulations again on your amazing, cheap -ment..

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