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Eight seven seven zero see the AL. I so we got lots to talk about. But I learned something the last few days, very interesting. So I got to MC and event I love 'em scene and event I think MC is masters of ceremony. Then I guess if you're a woman your mistress of ceremony, I don't actually mind the term mistress like others do not that I've ever been a mistress. But I just think Mr. sounds sexy rather than MRs of ceremony. He goes MRs of ceremony. You know, what that reminds me of remember, you would have the Miss America pageant, and then they did the MRs America pageant. Remember, the MRs America pageant the women. Looked a lot older and heavier and. You know, it was it was like night and day. I don't think the MRs America pageant really went very far. I don't think the guys are really into it. I guys are really into girls that haven't had baby body baby. The reason why is in the. Evolutionary in a way of thinking in the animal kingdom days if a woman's already had a baby. And she's already somebody else's. She kind of becomes unattractive to other mates. I my face changed. My body changed everything changed. And so I was really really attractive before I got married and had a bait. And everybody says well, the women let themselves go it's not that the women let themselves go. It's that nature purposely makes them repulsive, not you guys. But me, so that no other mate will try to steal your way from the little young lanes that you're supposed to, you know, take care of and the debt or the cave or whatever. So that's why the MRs America pageant is didn't really seem to take off because they just weren't as attractive to people look at the Miss America. Pageant Miss America, pageant, pessimistic, think going away think a lot of people don't think it's only politically correct. You know? Yeah. But so I was at the charity gala and great one was TVS golden. It was amazing. It was. But I noticed that. The Jews even though they say that the Jews of the chosen people. And I'm know biblical scholar. You guys pick. I am. But I I think I figured out why it doesn't have anything to do with birthright or anything like that. No, no. I think it's because of the language Yiddish provides this kind of protective coat where you could call somebody some real bad things. But it's it's. You don't get in trouble. Now, I just want to article on this the more majority of you guys have spoken yet. I think every one of you have spoken yet. You don't have to be Jewish is. Because you have one has any of you said the word glitch. Yeah. This computer has the little glitch. Glitch is a Yiddish word. Glitch. Means a little malfunction. Have any of you ever center? I'm a klutz. That's Yiddish have any of you ordered a blitz or Bach or a bagel and lox I'll have a bagel and lox those terms, and then have you ever nudged someone quick? Nudging? Comes from nudge. Yiddish have you called slop? That's yiddish. Remember the beat Knicks? Adding, Nick, Nick, Nick like beat Nick Nick is a somebody aligned with a movement. You guys have been saying this all the time. It's not just about. So anyway, really quickly here Yiddish, I guess came has like rubes dating back to twelve fifty. And that's when you start to migrate. From more of the Middle East Palestine other areas of the world to the German Rhine valley and then to central and eastern Europe. And what Yiddish is like a mixture of languages between. Hebrew, German Aramaic, Slavic romance languages. It's mix. And I guess back then hundreds of years ago. It was the regular day to day language. They like I thought you spoke Hebrew Hebrew was the, you know, the language of prayer Aramaic was the language of learning. She would prey in Hebrew. You. Would learn an Aramaic. But yet issue was your common day to day language, like, okay? Fish. You know, when I tell you know, the dog go go pitch. And then it became really really popular were millions. I think thirteen million people were speaking it by the early nineteen hundreds. And then by pre holocaust time. Millions more spoke it, unfortunately after the holocaust it's used use dropped drastically. And for obvious reasons, you know, people if it was identified as the Jewish language nobody was going to speak. Everybody's gonna you know. And of course, we lost millions of people lost millions of Christians and Jews. And so, but the funny thing is there's a lot of words phrases have been adopted in our regular vernacular. And you know, somebody will say here's somebody call somebody a putz that's a very bad word. That's worse than calling somebody schmuck? Those are really really bad words. You can't see those people use them all the time. Yeah. Yeah. This was some guy like, nah, okay? And I'm noticing a lot of people are kind of using the wrong. But I remember Al Michaels who I believe grew up in Brooklyn was during Saturday's Saturday football game. You know, said how player felonies tuchus that's yet is. So we speak Yiddish a lot. But I I was blown away by scene where it's like glitch. You know, and slob I these are things we use. So that's just a this eleven this'll just like a little small amount. So I have a full comprehensive list if you guys wanted know. Okay. And did a article on this. But the funny thing is is a lot of you guys will say, okay. Well, let's schmooze. Okay. Nick, somebody kind of these words have so much rich meaning to schmooze put an English. It's just kinda, you know, make people like you make people feel comfortable to Schimmel somewhat. It has.

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