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Eight fifty W F T L A thirty five minutes. Kevin Jackson, the black sphere about what's happening in in Virginia, which is truly unbelievable. What's happened there? And the Democratic Party will make sure that Ralph Northam. Stays is the governor because they cannot allow three of them. Ralph Northam who allegedly thirty five years ago appeared in some sort of Michael Jackson tribute wearing black face to stay to resign is the governor when Lieutenant governor Jason Fairfax may have to go because of allegations of rape. Then the attorney general Mark herring. Also appeared in black face who criticized north in for appearing in black face. You cannot have a situation by the political. Correct crowd in Virginia or the black guy is forced to resign. But the two white guys who wore black face remain in office that ain't gonna happen either. And I hate to defend a democrat. But in this case, Justin Fairfax, allegedly and four at the democratic national convention were John Kerry was nominated allegedly voluntarily took a woman to his room. They began the preliminaries things got out of hand. She claims a forced me to perform oral. Sex fillet. Oh, which of course, is a form of sodomy, which is a rape. And then in two thousand while he was a Duke allegedly a woman claims that she was sexually assaulted in a violent way, and she considered to be rate. But in either circumstance that either of these two women who were adult females call the police, they supposedly told girlfriends, and then that was the end of it until what fifteen to nineteen years later when Justin Fairfax is about to become the governor of Virginia and both of them surfaced fifteen to nineteen years later, and I'm not saying the events not transpire fight it better. I think they probably did transpire, but victims of sexual assault. Or victims of any crime. It's incumbent upon then become forward in close proximity to the event. So it can be proven or not proven probably Justin. Fairfax need circumstance view things differently than his so-called alleged victims. So if that's the case the memories are sharp close to the event, there may be physical evidence. There's other indications of what happened. But here we are fifteen to nineteen years later, and it's impossible for Justin Fairfax to adequately defend himself. Because. In this case. What does he say? He says, no it didn't happen. They say it did happen. Unlike Justice Cavanaugh, there's not a hearing to be conducted to put everybody under oath to determine what happened the FBI determine that the charges of blasphemy Ford in Jolie, sweat, Nick. We're not worthy of belief because the witnesses names they supplied did not indicate that the principles for telling the truth. And so in bread Kavanagh's case, he was set free because the FBI said these witnesses that she provided us bless. You Ford's case did not confirm her story at all and Joey sweat, Nick. That woman had no clue what she was saying what she was saying was so fantastic. Nobody would believe it. And then they had another case which didn't even rise to the level of someone taking it seriously. So at least in their cases, there was a former due process and Brett cabin. Or fortunately, he's on the US supreme court. But in the case of Justin Fairfax. He's been charged twice now with sexual assaults that happen fifteen in nineteen years respectively. He can't adequately defend himself at all. What does he say? How does how does he come forward? Now and say what happened what didn't happen? What at the time? The witnesses were available, and they didn't come forward was the Duke student who was twenty years old. Twenty years old. And so it was an adult woman with access to the Duke police department with access to the local sheriff's office with low cut with easy access to nine one one the kids that night or within a week to get a hold of the authorities say this other student Justin Fairfax raped me. And then they would arrest Justin. Fairfax conduct an investigation and the truth would be known same thing in twenty four the democratic national convention the woman there had the opportunity to call the police to say this is what happened this guy named Justin. Fairfax forced me to perform Felicia. And I want to charge. Okay. Well, let's get a hold of Justin. Fairfax. We got the room number. Got. We got where it happened whether witnesses no that weren't witnesses. What are we got? And then they would probably determine not to prosecute them in which case he would have been set free in the sense. But now what does he go back to get his reputation? The democrat. That's one of us. Justin Fairfax to knock late themselves against claims have Apocrypha the next time Republican gets gets caught. And in both circumstances. I think I'm a criminal defense attorney. There ought to be due process rights for Justin Fairfax now with Ralph Northam governor, what does he do? That guy's real clown. The clown showed me and the partial birth abortion situation that he would consider murdering baby in the fourth trimester life after the child was delivered. Then no discussions had because the child might be disabled to kill a disabled child that makes a lotta sense, right? So north them is probably going to withstand this because it appears Dustin in Fairfax has been so damaged so many have called for his resignation. He'll be completely ineffective and Mark herring. The white attorney general appeared in black face. I don't know what to say about him either. Fairfax. Fairfax is in a crisis Northam scouted problem and Mark herring. Largely not been the focus too much of this. Because of what's happened north Fairfax. So coming up later, we have Keith we have Kevin Jackson black sphere to talk about how distinct places self resolve resolves itself later on his Megan Barth of Reagan, baby dot com. Live from Las Vegas Nevada about a woman's perspective on all this. We have three lines open to be call now..

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