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Breakdown thanks to sage rosenfels joining us a few minutes ago giving us great insight on daniel jones what he's seen from him what he hopes for cam newton coming off this ankle injury but fuck a couple of quarterbacks who played a little bit last night that we're waiting to see when we're gonna start as well to become pretty big stories. <hes> the first one is josh rosen. Brian flora's says after the game last night more days he says after the game last night the josh rosen making it a little more difficult from to make this decision whether it's it's going to start ryan fitzpatrick or josh rosen. I look at this the same way. I see daniel jones in the giants. Eli will start daniel. Jones will take over ryan fitzpatrick will start to give josh rosen more of a chance to get used to a new system. Tim start the season and then when ryan fitzpatrick turns back into ryan fitzpatrick. Here's four picks three picks a two week span. It's okay now. It's time for josh rosen and come in and take over that day could come sooner but i still see fitzpatrick going into rosen a little bit. I look at this a little differently. <hes> lucky brand flurries trying to establish a culture in the locker room and what what he's doing. He's making josh rosen earn it. Josh rosen was given the job in arizona. He didn't necessarily earn. He was giving it bit by his draft position. He now no longer has their currency because he was traded for next to nothing. It didn't cost much to get him so now you bring him on board. He still may have some of that. Entitlement monday comes along with being a first round pick. If you think about the dolphins how they may be modeling their franchise after the patriots and patriots do it will. Tom brady had to earn his way onto the field. The old and because tom tom brady has earned it. Everyone that comes after him also recognizes the need to earn their keep on their team and so so if they can get a situation where they're looking josh rosen and they view him as a guy that potentially could be their starting quarterback if he earns it it then sends the right message to to everyone in the locker room where he will be elevated because they will respect him for earning the job as opposed to being given the job as he'd done the right thing so far because it seems it's like things are progressing nicely form each week. He looks a little bit better a little bit better a little bit more comfortable yet things so when i think the bigger thing that you have to do with josh rosen and we've heard brian flurries speak <unk> speak on it and talk about it the body language he has to learn how to lead the way did he <hes> exudes confidence <hes> inspires his teammates where he can be gather and when things don't go well maybe shoulders slump or maybe kind of gets in his own. Way and kinda has a pity party. Will it's hard to be the lead the face of the franchise when you don't exude dude that kind of confidence that you have to be able to to have when you're trying to get your team out of a rut they are trying to kind of remake josh rosen and really really make them the prototypical franchise quarterback through his actions not necessarily through his game so rosenhaus to earn it. Daniel jones has to earn it. Dwayne haskins for the redskins may just be dude everybody else. We can't move the flip here. Just take the job. I mean washington's offense has looked abysmal this preseason yeah they win last night nineteen seven but case keenum's aspin average at best and it's almost like well. What do we think case keenum was like we we we we knew case keenum like eight average at being on wanna own a great day. He's averaged and so what we have is. We have a case where we overvalued case keenum based on the case keenum that we saw working working under pat shurmur in minnesota when he had arguably what i think are the two best receivers as in terms of a tandem adam phelan stefan digs he the add a tight end a cow rudolph. He had a great play call who really set him up success so he looked like a different player when else case keenum plate like that never so he he is what he is and what the washington redskins have to make a decision on. Do we want to go with a guy who we know on his great day is average or do you want to put the young guy out there. The only thing that i will say that troubles me about the washington redskins where we look at the giants and daniel jones. I see an office desk taylor mate for him them to have success when the washington redskins is like jay gruden. I said hey man. I'm running my offense and wayne haskins. You got to catch up and do it. So you see eighties longer throws. You see these things which is why he doesn't have a great completion percentage because these are higher risk throws. He doesn't have any layups incorporated into the so. It just doesn't look like jay. Gruden wants to play the young guy. He wants to play the otago so we can do all the things that he's always been able to eat is not going to have a choice because look no one one has an illusion of how good this washington team is going to be and many times players need. Hey you can throw them in not a sink or swim situation but in a you know what you're going to fake it till you make it and if you don't have a great choice there as as you're older leadership fake it till you make it sounds that's a pretty good alternative and haskins guy. Who's who's always wanted. Those challenges plays with chip on his shoulder. That's the guy i don't mind throwing in and saying okay. Look you know fake it till you make it so. Here's what you have. You have two competing agendas. You have the front office who views haskins as a long term solution position. They wanted to develop him. They want him to patiently. Wait to be able to be the franchise. Ask quarterback you have jay grew to win right now to retain his job and so how do you manage those two things. How can i win gains with a young quarterback who doesn't have the runaround factor so he has to be able to beat opponents from the pocket in a simplistic game plan if we play them that is hard that is why you see the reluctance of the washington redskins to handle dwayne haskins because jay gruden realizes the chances of me retaining my job become even even harder when i have a young guy plan to position right but it's not like he's gonna win a lot of games with case keenum if you had ryan fitzpatrick there. Hey you know what fitzpatrick in sling it. He can win you a few games. We've we've seen him do it with many different teams over the correct but he doesn't have that now doesn't that somebody's gonna win games now he doesn't but he he's trying to make due because his comfort comfort may be in having the full playbook available to him so look. I got a veteran player. I got the fool playbook. Maybe i can scheme up enough plays case keenum to win games. That is his only option otherwise it has to be scaled down. Menu with wayne has considered the pace. What's the odds we see. Let me josh rosen what we do. We see him start <hes>. I think josh rosen was start but we three we three. What about haskins has things. I think it'd be late in the year. I really think it'd be week six or seven. They're really gonna try and ride rounded out with case keenum. That's all that's a long time to go. One in five say where is it. I mean washington is that they're not going to be there. They're not going to be okay with it. Yeah another a couple of weeks. Ask another couple of weeks not to mix. They won't be in the mix. If they start with case keenum they may get kissed lightning in about four weeks to but not legitimately not enough were long long sustained period fox sports radio the dan patrick show jason smith bucky brooks in for dan and the danettes twitter at how about a fresca bucky at bucky brooks coming up next new news. That may be an inkling as to win. Andrew luck is actually gonna play again. That's next on fox. Football season is around the corner and podcast cast one sports net has the best shows to help you build the best fantasy team in the league.

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