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Kicker. No. It's also about what they can do with that run game or the way they can mix it up now adding to Maria's Thomas Marc Vandermeer, the play by play voice of the Houston. Texans. And he joins us now after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. Mark thanks so much for a couple of minutes. I know I hear from athletes all the time coaches to that. It's difficult to win one game. Let alone a streak like the Texans now. Eight in a row what stands out to you about this run? Well, they're making a clutch plays, Amy. They're doing the little things in the fourth quarter that resulted in wins during the only three start. They weren't those were close losses against the patriots. They turn the ball over first play from scrimmage against the titans. The first time they allowed to fake punt for a touchdown. And they just didn't do the little things you need to do to pull out with. Now. They're starting to get that done. And tonight, you know, you see the beat the titans in convincing fashion. I think what you're looking at here at home the last couple of games because they beat the dolphins a few weeks ago here you're seeing the pass rush really pay dividends for them. So that's resulted double digit victories in the high teens, but most of these wins during the streak had been extremely close. And that's the NFL if you know, of course, and I love what JJ watt had to say maybe two weeks ago about how the Texans will win and do whatever it takes. Meaning they're not worried about who gets the credit. They they're not they don't care about how they come out with the w just that they come out with a w as you watch this team play how evidence is that to you. Well, I think it's huge with the defense. And you look at what himself he makes a lot of really crucial plays at the moment of truth. You know, the opposing offense as a big third down. They're about to continue it drive, and what comes up with a big Tf Eller sack. And I think that that's spread around the other players on defense. Cloudy is having an amazing year. Burst showed up very strong tonight Christian Covington who you haven't heard a ton of. But this guy really does make place to this defense. So that sort of solvable effort, obviously, led by watt and cloudy and merciless. But then you look on offense. I really think having to Shawn Watson means so much of this football team, ks attitude. It's exuberance his confidence. It's sort of bleeds over to everybody else. They know they're never out of a game. They fell behind ten nothing. Monday night football didn't matter they came back strong and one of the game. So I think they all they all believe they're gonna win somehow. And I think that's a very powerful thing for any team. This Shawn Watson with three. Total touchdowns over two hundred yards passing. Also had nine carries between the scrambles and the actual place designed for him now that he's into his second year well past the midway point. How have you seen him grow into this position as an NFL QB? Well, Bill O'Brien will tell you that he understands the offense better than ever get them into the right play. This offense has a lot of autonomy at the line of scrimmage. So he's got to make decisions Athlon and he's got a call plays. He's got to decide what the protections are in many instances, and he's really doing a high level. I know people say well last year, he played six and a half games that he threw nineteen touchdowns reading wasn't. He doing it that I think that was a lot of I'm not gonna save beginner's luck. But it was a lot of magic that just sort of erupted for right off the bat in the NFL. And now teams have been a long time to really study what he does. So they've had to combat that and Bill O'Brien has been very careful to not over expose him to defensive. I know you saw does that runs. But I look at twenty four passes. This thrown in the game. This is six consecutive games throwing twenty five times or less. I think it'd be hard pressed to find somebody winning streaks where let's say six of those eight days where they throw a twenty five times or less. That's amazing the NFL Amy that a team is able to get that done in this era. I'm sure it's having a bunch in the seventies and eighties. But here we are in the teens and it's happening with the Houston, Texas. I think it says a lot about their ground game of the fact that they're not turning it over much lately. Marc Vandermeer is fresh off Monday night football the eighth consecutive win for the Texans. No other team has ever done that after starting out a year. Oh and three it's after hours on CBS sports radio. You mentioned the run game two hundred eighty one yards in this game. And I know ninety seven of them or on Lamar Miller is touchdown run. Which is kind of cool that he's the only player in league history with two rushing touchdowns of ninety five yards or longer, but this particular ground game in this particular performance is is certainly one of the reasons why they were able to. To come back from that ten nothing deficit. So what do you see they have to commit to the run because they have young tackles, a young offensive line, basically. So if you drop back thirty five forty times with this line Watson's going to get a lot of hits. It's not going to be pretty Bill O'Brien knew that the best thing you can do with young Lyman is run the fall. That's what live and liked to do. So that's what they're gonna do. That's the best way to protect the Shawn Watson even doing that. He's still take some hits he took some tonight, but he was able to bounce back up and they played. So if you're able to run the football, obviously, you're going to make a living in this league. But they have to run the football. I mean, that's the whole secret of the Houston, Texas, if they run the football they can't win. They've been able to do it. Lately. Lavar Miller been playing great he lightened up a little bit this year. He lost seventy pounds, which doesn't seem like a lot for a football player. But he just slimmed down a little bit more to the way was in Miami. As opposed to any I got here. He thought he had the bulk up it'd be the every Dow guy, and he isn't every Dow guy, but they also have out. Flute around the rocks. So it's working out. Well for them right now. How have you seen Mary his Thomas settle in couple of weeks after getting traded from the Broncos? I think that's an extraordinary pickup, and you know, right away to go to Denver to get them involved in the first drive of the game. And then he's quieting against Washington. Of course, coming off the bye, you know, people think they have more time to practice during the by basically off the bye, maybe one more than they usually would have. I mean, that's what you have to do this time of year, especially, but I knew that as the weeks went on you'd see him get more involved, and they had these are more tonight because Kikuchi at the leave the game with a hamstring injury. So they hope he's okay because he's been dynamic as a rookie. But he's had trouble staying in the lineup. But it's kind of like the cream floating to the top. You know, the guy could make plays. He's going to do it. He just has to get further simulated every week is going to get a little bit better. They'll feel a little bit more comfortable in this offense. It is different. You know, he ran a little bit of it right off the bat when he was drafted because Josh mcdaniels the very first coach you ever had. And there's some. Are a lot of similarities between what O'Brien rise what mcdaniels runs, but I think you're gonna see more and more of this as we get down the stretch. Mark Vandermeer is the voice of the Texans on the radio network with us after hours on CBS sports radio. So now, they're two games clear in the AFC south so long way to go. But the game win streak is incredible. And I keep coming back to the Bill O'Brien era has been allowed to be. Be patient with it. So the the ownership stayed patient. They didn't make a move knee jerk reaction when things were bad a couple of years rocky, and and not going where they wanted to go. How much do you think it matters that they have stuck with Bill O'Brien and allowed him to establish system? Find the people that he wants. But also give him time to grow into a role as the head coach. Yeah. I think Bill Bryant are very talented coach. And I thought that coming in when he was at the head coach of Penn State what he was able to do in a very adverse situation there. And I liked the fact that he at least did that as opposed to being an NFL assistant who doesn't have head coaching experience jumping into a head coaching job in this league. At least you sat that shared may big decisions that are big type program. He comes in here. He goes nine and seven is. I three years went to division title. Now, the division wasn't. Then what it is today? But I still think there's something to that. They were two and five and two thousand fifteen and he made the playoffs coming off that that's why when they were all in three this year. Aiming I thought you know, what he's been here before I just thought they were only three if they could still. Six and six and still be hanging around. Maybe they have a shot. Well, clearly, they've done a whole lot better than that. You know last year was a meltdown because they use seventy eight players Myron NFL record on a fifty three man roster. So to me, I think is a good coach. And now he's finally got a quarterback to work with with some consistency. So you see the results on the field. Look David as long as Romeo pronounce coach of the defense. They're going to be good. You know, you didn't coach it last year. They got all banged up with water out again and merciless leaving the game a week five last year. So now you're seeing a healthier defense. Cornell patrols O'Brien with a quarterback. And look what you have. It's working out pretty well so far this was the first game for the Texans since Bob McNair, along time owner died on Friday. What did he mean to the franchise as well as the city of Houston Mark while so much because they went five years without professional football when the Oilers left and during that time, Bob McNair aggressively pursued getting a thirty second franchise here. And it's no secret that the league wanted to be in Los Angeles at the time for obvious reasons. But McNair would not be denied. And it's not just about writing a check, Amy. I mean, he paid a record seven hundred million dollars for the franchise at the time. But we all know that if writing checks was all it took NFL franchise a lot of other guys NFL franchises. Like, maybe somebody who's in the White House right now, for instance..

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