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First motorcycle a Harley Davidson. He liked to ride the bike fast and recklessly jumping off of whatever he could doing. wheelies up and down the streets of Butte Montana. Thirteen eighteen year old can tell their their kid. What's that small boys healy? I I think I'd be mad. I'd be like sick and this is boots somebody. They've never seen shit like this any they don't even have TV. It's amazing really funny thing. That happened real quick when he first came to Hollywood. This will come later He was doing wheelies up and down the street and now like in front of a bar that all these sportscasters went to on like Ventura and they all came out and watch him do wheelies and they're like yeah. That was the first time I I even heard. The word really are knew what a whealy was and he is just amazing yeah. My grandma was a flight attendant and like in the forties and she was like yeah. I didn't know what pizza though. It's like twenty five in Italy. Does she like it when she. Yeah it's great like some pilot was like we're going to be at pizza and her friend. Were like what is on on her helmet. That's crazy. The point is like people back in the olden days like just didn't know nowadays holidays. We're pretty aware of almost every Internet makes it so easy for us. Everything like a Wehrley you say. Well I guess that a big sense you'd also get the police to chase him and he would outrun them every time one time Um you showing off her friends and then he crashed into his neighbor's garage and started a fire But after a couple of years thrashing Harley around by the way not his Harley he stole it thrashing the Harley around his grandma replaced the bike with a triumph. HIS GRANDMA GRANDMA GRANDMA WHO's raising him. That's cool yeah. His Grandma's really nice is GRANDPA is really nice to help them out with like money once in a while but I think one weird thing that was in his documentary was the people have but I always want to say but the people of Butte it was kind of like a west like a Western kind of uncivilized civilized town and so they believed in like not law but like salving. It like settling things like a man. I was kind of thing. Yeah and so. They knew that he was doing this. Like shitty things like stealing a motorcycle and Riding around town noon wheelies. But it wasn't it didn't bother them that much and it was like everyone knew each other and so it's kind of this weird like no one cared that he was the breaking all these laws. I think nobody wants to use his doing. Yeah well I mean stealing motorcycles to well yeah but probably gave it back at some point Okay when he wasn't riding motorcycles young Robert now going by Bob got thrilled throwing rocks at prostitutes and running away when their pimps Hims- chased him cool guy. I mean that's a hard job already and then he's making it harder by throwing rocks people. Yeah problem like most high schoolers. He hated going to school because the guy in the way of him riding his motorcycle he dropped out sophomore year and got a job but the Anaconda mining company operating a drill but that was too boring for him so he was moved to service duty where he got to drive an earth mover around He must have gone pretty bored with that as well because one day at work he did a whealy in his what he did it really really. It has earthmover and drove it straight into a high voltage power line. Severing the wires and cutting off power to the entire of Butte. Just like the town tear. He was fired on the spot. But that was okay with him because anything other than riding a motorcycle with considered unimportant unimportant stuff. Knievel didn't need a boss telling him what to do. He'll learn pretty quickly how to use his natural charm to manipulate people. He started he started offering going to help. Guard local businesses overnight for some money on the side. Bob Acted as a private security guard making sure no one baroque into these stores. But but if shops didn't WANNA pay him he would break into them himself and loot whatever he could. This was just one of the many rackets knievel had going on. He was also known as has a great safecracker card. Cheat and stick up kid means he's stuck up people and he was a kid doesn't mean that he was stuck up now means he sticks him up and he was the opposite of stuck up. This life of crime eventually got him arrested. I'm not surprised while in the clink. There's only like eight people in his damn. Well I mean you said there's thirty thousand people your time but that's a small town. I mean that's bigger than a task era. Though imagining where where I grew up. Sorry my hometown of a task era. I was imagining like a five hundred people town. I grew up My city of shorewood Wisconsin had seventeen thousand people and I feel like I knew most down while in the clink. Bob Shared a cell with another local criminal criminal. William no full awful awful. That's very important that you pronounce it William an awful a cop on night duty Solitu- you and said offhandedly great we got awful awful in evil knievel and the name stuck. I think that's so cool. That's cool awful awful evil knievel. That's like you ever have those relatives where you're like. Oh you're so funny like you should be a writer. They come up with great things on the spot and they're like Oh. No that cop should have written for the office Bob later changed it to e. l. because he didn't want to be perceived as a bad guy but he was a bad guy. Make that clear by the late. Fifties crime wasn't looking like a sustainable career for evil everyone in the small town Newnham. And there's no one left and swindle swindle lose money so he joined the army one thing you should know about. Evil Knievel is that he was athletically. Gifted at Butte High School he was proficient in track and field icehockey and ski jumping now in the Army Evil Excelled on the army team particularly in the poll. Jump when it came time for him to choose a path in the army he chose to become a paratrooper making over thirty successful. Jumps which goes to show evil was a thrill seeker. SNOOT SNOOP Thrill Seeker. Excuse me through and through. After he got out of the army he found himself chasing that adrenaline rush now more than ever he participated in local rodeos motorcycle. They go races and ski jump competitions he even won the northern Rocky Mountain Ski Association Class. A men Ski Jumping Ski Jumping Championship in Nineteen Nineteen fifty-nine Ski Jumping Insane I can only imagine that back Danny was even more insane because they probably didn't have all the safety equipment that they do now. Now braces and stuff. Yeah like good helmets. They pro didn't wear helmets at all or not. I like those ski speed need scheme helmets. That are like cones. Skiers are so sick action figures. Bodey Miller who's the one that was like but I love about Olympic athletes is that you forget their names but every four years like Oh yeah dude freaking Apollo Anton Ohno take a little soul. Patch was so cool at one point. Evil played a semi pro. Hongda is this Guy Right and awesome athlete and miss handsome handsome and cool at motorcycle from Butte. Yeah I think I'm GONNA play like semi professional hockey. Now Eh where do you go from the Northern Rocky Mountain Association. Ski Jump Roping. Yes so he was playing summer pro hockey with the Charlotte. Checkers His teammates said he was a decent athlete but one of the biggest bully and he always had to be the center of attention even if it meant getting in a more fights than the other players when he was nineteen. He's only nineteen point. He moved back to on Tanna and use. Use the money from a local car dealership and his GRANDPA to start a semi professional hockey team of his own called the butte bombers. He was the owner coach and and starting center. So you're just like in Butte and maybe you're like yeah. Played some hockey back in the dam and join his team and then coach is like a nineteen year old kid it and the owner. He's like negotiating a salary with his kid. Ever the.

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