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University. But we'll see what comes next USC is in commenting, Monica Rix, KFI news. Let's take a look at your Friday drive. Now, we're checking it on the six oh five city of industry. Six five north at PEC road. Just hearing there's a crash with a big rig and vehicle the three left lanes are going to be blocked for probably the next hour or so this just occurred. So traffic is just starting to build up. And we'll give you more the next time around KFI in the sky is sponsored by injury. Attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff boffon some trouble on the five. Again this ruined. What was a wonderful trivia hope? No, everybody's okay. But fire department on scene, the location northbound five just perfect boulevard left lane is blocked and oh some of the equipments leaving now but Norfolk fest brobeck left lane blocked his up to the one thirty four to get an extra fifteen minutes. I guess it'd be okay. If you don't though us Glen oaks or anything out of del even San Fernando road. Get north of Burbank like going to get on there. Then you're past the problem it, unfortunately, we gave a glowing report here to the south coming to work for one. Seventy not long ago. But now it's still moving traffic, but it's getting a little slow coming through all out injured at the next. Visit superwoman super Lord dot com. Jeff Wagner, KFI in the sky. There's another problem on the six oh five. It's incentive face spring, sixty five north in Washington crash reported car accident Clark facing the wrong way in the car, full and the left lane. So impact to your drive from the five freeway their nephew see anything out there and wanna call us, and let us know the Ralph seventy time traffic line is eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three KFI in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm.

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