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I mean that was the hardest part you know drawn bigs be had basically been reading before you told the his whole life he all he did was in fact the last couple of decades of his career just kind of red books and drank himself into obscurity so he is you know all he had been doing his whole life was researching for this script or or not the script but the bottom of the original mapombere on and not me you know having to and other stuff so uh them so when uh the hardest part was all of the research you know of because i wanted to make sure that the weren't mistakes and wanted mature that we were fair to every point of view and that every point of view was was basically reasonable phnom that was the goal whether it's been achieved or not i don't know but that was the goal on so that was the single hardest part definitely was her riding in while the theological no i remember that in the in the in the in the process of writing the difference the drafts i mean honest that was one of the reasons that i you know put off making this movie was it was a so intimidated it was intimidating to make a sequel to movie that so many people love so much and basically just open myself up for euro you ruined everything uh which is inevitable uh and and the sheer amount of work it was going to be to to learn all this crap and write about it you know intelligently well yeah i mean you never predict when an audiences is going to do i wrote the last halloween movie in prior one you know.

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